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Live chat tomorrow: Application Development for the (mythical) Apple Tablet

From a developer's point of view, what do these rumors mean? Is it enough to assume that App Store products will "just work" out of the box on a new device class? Will adherence to Apple's resolution independence design principles allow well-built iPhone applications to adapt to new window sizes? Or...

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Macworld 2009: Interview with Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry

Twitter is arguably one of the most popular social networking platforms in use today. And, one of the most popular ways to use Twitter is via applications for your Mac and the iPhone. In that space, one particular app seems to dominate -- Iconfactory's Twitterrific. TUAW's own Christina Warren (A.K....

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Hockenberry, Maheux respond in exclusive TUAW talkcast interview

On last night's talkcast, the Iconfactory's Gedeon Maheux and Craig Hockenberry joined us to discuss their concerns with the App Store, and they noted that Friday's layout changes are a step in the right direction. "It's another of many steps that Apple's making to make the iTunes infrastructure wo...

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App Store changes layout, threat of the fleshy palm still looms

TouchMeme notes that the App Store has changed layout to separate free and paid applications, perhaps in response to developer grumbling about competition in a crowded market. Free apps and paid apps now occupy sidebars to the right and left, respectively, of a major category index page. The cente...

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iPhone Backup Extractor helps kill bugs dead

iPhone developer Pádraig Kennedy sent us news of this jewel of a tool: iPhone Backup Extractor, a way to read the backups that iTunes automatically makes for your iPhone or iPod touch using the Finder. Kennedy already had a command-line tool to do this, but he wrapped an easy-to-use GUI aroun...

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Iconfactory releases Twitterrific 1.1 for iPhone

The Iconfactory and its chief typist, Craig Hockenberry, have been hard at work on Twitterrific 1.1, a substantial update to their mobile Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update features much smoother scrolling, larger tweet capacity, the ability to save pictures to the camera roll...

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Make your content look good on the iPhone

Some might think that I hate iPhone specific websites based on this opinion piece I wrote in which said I hate iPhone specific websites. Actually, it didn't say anything of the sort, but many read it that way. The point I was trying to make was that crafting websites which use browser detection to ...

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