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Tag: holidays

SwiftKey gets into the holiday spirit with a free new theme

By now you should have completely abandoned the iOS default keyboard in favor of one of the many fantastic third-party options available -- if you haven't, what is wrong with you? -- and if SwiftKey is your weapon of choice you'll find that an app update today has added a good bit of holiday cheer...

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Store It is a wishlist app that falls short of its potential

Store It, free in the App Store, has the potential to be more powerful than other wishlist and gift apps on the market. It has a great concept, but isn't so great in execution. You add items to your list by searching websites with the in-app browser, scanning a barcode or uploading a photo. T...

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Tell everyone what you want for Christmas with Instalist

Without wishlists, your holidays will be full of gifts that you don't like but are forced to say that you love so that you don't offend your loved ones. Instalist, free in the App Store, attempts to avoid holiday gift-giving debacles. You pick the items you want and then send the list to your fr...

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The worst iPhone stocking stuffer

Plenty of cheap, strange smartphone accessories pop up around this time of the year in the hopes that you'll pick them up as a last-second gift, but this little doohickey Walgreens dreamed up is something special. It's a pill case that, for whatever reason, plugs into your smartphone's audio jack....

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My favorite "on the road" picks

It's another holiday, and for many of us that means driving, gas and food stops, and kids who need to be entertained. I've been thinking about the most useful travel-related apps and hardware I use, so before you head out onto the road, check out my list of favorites and see if any of them can hel...

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Check out the first holiday widget for iOS

I guess it had to happen -- a widget with a holiday theme, and one that gives you some useful information. I'm talking about SNOWidget, from developer Johnny Ixe who gave us the handy and useful DataMan app. Download the free SNOWidget app, and then load it from your pull-down Today notificat...

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Talking Holidays Wheel is decent kids app, but limited

Talking Holidays Wheel: Christmas Halloween Summer is an interesting combination of a children's game and an educational app with a title that can't possibly get anymore self-explanatory. The app includes three wheels for Christmas, Halloween and the season of summer, each with their own symbols f...

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Celebrate the 4th with slow motion fireworks captured by an iPhone 5s

On July 4th the United States celebrates Independence Day, and there isn't much news to report. Hot dogs are cooking, families are gathering, and people are watching Netflix. It's a party! So, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we present you with this happy video of fireworks, shot ...

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Happy Memorial Day from TUAW

It's Memorial Day in the USA, and the TUAW crew is taking time to honor the men and women of our military and spend time with family. Posting will be light today, but we'll be back in full swing tomorrow. Enjoy your day. It's almost summer!...

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Review: VideoCard for Christmas, New Year for iOS

If you're a bit tardy getting those holiday cards out, here's an app that might get you out of a jam. VideoCard is a free for a limited time and allows you to create a clever animated card to send to family and friends. Here's how it works: You open the app, select music for your card from your lib...

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Get some holiday snow on your computer screen

It's the holidays, in case you hadn't noticed. You've decorated the tree, hung some lights outside and probably have some LED-flashing snowmen somewhere around the house. So how about that Mac? Here's a look at some free and inexpensive apps that will give your monitor that holiday glow. Let it ...

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5 things you still need to buy before Christmas

There's a good chance that your next five days will be filled with frantic last-minute gift buying, all culminating in your family's holiday celebration. You might even think your shopping list has been conquered, but I beg to differ. Here are a handful of items you still need to pick up to make s...

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Apple dresses up its homepage for the holidays

If you are visiting Apple's website to read about the new Mac Pro, there will be a holiday surprise waiting for you. Gone is the front page and its lineup of products -- replacing it is the company's touching holiday ad. From Apple's home page, you can watch both the original commercial and the f...

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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 1: An iPhone flask and a holiday hangover

You're going to see a lot of gift guides this year with things like the iPad Air, iPhone 5s and MacBook Pro gracing their pages, but you already know those devices are drop-dead awesome, right? So what do you get an Apple fan that already has all the Apple gear they could ever want? You get them w...

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PayPal starts selling iTunes digital gift cards, sells out of $15, $25 options immediately

When it comes to retailers that sell gift cards, you probably don't immediately think of PayPal, but that might soon change. The eBay-owned company is diving into the digital gift card business and is touting iTunes as its first major partner. The company just began selling redeemable iTunes gift ...

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