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A home office that looks like a mini Apple Store

People toss around the term "fanboy" to the point where it means almost nothing, but if you're looking for a real fan of Apple's retail store aesthetic, check out David Wu's home office. Not only did he have a replica of the Apple Store's iconic Fetzers tables made, but in his version the dra...

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MacTech Boot Camp 2011 coming to four more cities

If you missed MacTech Boot Camp before Macworld this year, you may have a chance to attend if you live in or around Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles or Chicago. In fact, there happen to be major airports in all of those towns, so if the cost of flying to San Francisco was out of reach, you're in luck! ...

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Mac + desk = Match made in heaven?

This article is old, but is still full of inspiration. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago when I was turning my dining room into a home office, and it's always neat to see how other people set up their work spaces. The News in Print selected these in 2008, but the advice in here in still relev...

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