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Wallgram: Convert Instagram shots into iOS 7 parallax wallpaper

Are you at a loss for wallpapers to decorate your lock and home screens? Wallgram (US$1.99) is a new app that resolves that problem by letting you convert any Instagram photo -- your own included -- into attractive and functional iOS 7 parallax wallpaper. The app, from developer Capable Bits, is ra...

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Daily iPhone App: ScreenDIY lets you beautify your iPhone homescreen

If you want to spruce up your home screen or add some flair to your iPhone's lock screen, then you should check out ScreenDIY from SoftEase. The app has a repository of retina wallpapers, but at 152 images, it's not an overwhelming amount. You'll find a nice mix of frames, patterns and professi...

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How to create a unique iOS home screen icon for your website

GIGAOM has put together a nifty article detailing the process for creating a unique iOS home screen icon for your website. When iOS users visit your website and create a home screen icon shortcut to easily access your site again, you want that icon to stand out and be easily identifiable amongs...

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Weather app uses notifications to display info on home screen

One area that Apple needs to address is the iOS home screen, which uses icons and badges to display information instead of the more informative widgets used by its competitor, Android. While many apps resign themselves to this limitation, a weather app by International Travel Weather Calculator...

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Ask TUAW: Shopping for new Macs, iPhone home screens, home folder on external disk, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we have questions about whether to buy a 27" iMac or a MacBook Pro, increasing the number of iPhone home screens, moving your home folder to an external disk, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are wel...

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Dear Apple: What we want to see for iPhone 4.0, part 1

A week ago we asked you, the TUAW reader, to help us tell Apple what you want in the next iPhone: the OS, the apps, the hardware. Within two hours, I had over two hundred emails in my inbox. Within four days, the email total topped 1,100. As I was shifting and sorting through all your suggestions, o...

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Our iPhone home screens

We were recently inspired by the First&20 project, which presents the home screens of some notable iPhone users. So, we've taken screenshots of our own iPhone home screens for a little comparison. Once you've purchased an app, you audition it on your phone. Its usefulness determines its spot on ...

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A collection of iPhone home screens from your favorite Apple celebrities

With over 75,000 applications to choose from, it's no secret that every iPhone or iPod touch user has a different set of "favorites". A new website, First & 20, is shedding some light on the mystery of home screens starting with some popular website designers, developers, and writers you may ...

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iPhone 101: Restore your homescreen icons

Rearranging the icons on the home screen of your iPhone is a part of the customization fun that Apple built in. However, if you rearranged your icons and want them back to factory specifications, it is as easy as a simple tap. Just navigate to Settings > General > Reset. Once there, select the...

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Re-thinking the iPhone's home screen

The iPhone's home screen works just fine with 16 application icons on the main screen and four more on the dock at the bottom. It still works well with another screenful of 16 more apps on the adjacent screen. But, says Chris Devers, as you start adding more apps, the home screen UI doesn't scale w...

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iPhone 101: Two Home screen tricks

Here are two simple but useful tips from TUAW readers David B Alford and Andrew Akker that help you navigate through your iPhone or iPod home screens. David points out that if you tap just to the left or to the right of the dots at the bottom of your screen, you can move a page at a time without hav...

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