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Robot plays Angry Birds (or any other touchscreen app)

PyCon 2012 (a convention dedicated to the computer programming language Python) was held earlier this month in Santa Clara, CA, and one of the projects on display can be seen above. The "BitbeamBot" is a miniature robot that was designed to do one thing and one thing only: Play Angry Birds. W...

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TUAW's Holiday Gift Guide: Crafts with the kids

Welcome to the TUAW Holiday Gift Guide! We've sorted the treasure from the junk and are serving up suggestions to make your holiday gift-giving a little easier. The best holiday helpers are often the ones you already have right at home. Here are some ideas for last minute creations that are fun t...

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Cool iPad decals from Etsy

We've spotlighted vinyl decals for MacBooks before, but comic art blog Super Punch has spotted a few fun iPad decals on sale over at the homemade crafts site. This Joker iPad one is probably my favorite, but there are plenty more, including a Kirby version, one for Lego fans, and a nice Hitchhiker's...

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