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Hop for iPhone makes email feel like messaging

If you feel like standing in a virtual line for a chance to try "email reimagined," then hop on over to the App Store today and grab a free copy of Hop for iPhone. The app, previously known as Ping, is the latest in what seems to be an endless series of apps that are trying to figure out how to make...

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Doodle Jump adds multiplayer race with version 2.0

Lima Sky has just released an updated version of its insanely popular Doodle Jump game. The 2.0 release adds the ability to compete against your friends in a multiplayer race to the top. The multiplayer race requires a Wi-Fi network and is limited to your Game Center friends. For those of you pa...

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Doodle Jump Hop movie tie-in out now

The promised Doodle Jump movie tie-in game for Universal's movie Hop has hit the App Store, and it's completely free. The game plays just like the very popular Doodle Jump, though the graphics have been updated slightly, and of course, they're all branded to fit the Hop characters. There are 25...

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Doodle Jump makes deal with Universal, gets movie tie-in

Here's an interesting story out of Macworld this week. Doodle Jump, recently featured as the Top Paid App of all time, is going to Hollywood, but not quite in the way you might think. Rather than a Doodle Jump movie, the movies are instead coming to Doodle Jump, as Universal has announced a deal to...

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