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Zynga unveils Battlestone, an action RPG coming to iOS soon

Zynga's been on an interesting pivot lately. The company made a name for itself on Facebook, and most of its business is tied up in big games like Farmville and its sequel. But that audience is slowing down in growth, if not declining, which has prompted Zynga to experiment on mobile platforms ...

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Horn gets a trailer, coming later this month

We already knew that the developers behind the iOS horror game Dark Meadow were working on a new title called Horn, but now here's a trailer to watch. As you can tell, it looks pretty darn good. It's not quite as scary as the first game, though there are a few spooky elements, and the graphics ...

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Dark Meadow devs' next title is Horn

Phosphor Games' Dark Meadow made a big splash when it arrived on iOS last year, offering up a unique (and somewhat scary) experience on Apple's platform, with some excellent graphics and storytelling for a mobile title. Now that studio is following up with a second game, called Horn, as profile...

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No Comment: The iPhone Megaphone

We've actually seen this megaphone idea implemented before. While it's probably easiest to just go ahead and plug your iPhone in rather than trying to mechanically amplify the sound waves with a series of cones and chambers, that hasn't stopped some designers from putting together some intriguing...

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