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Tag: hosting

MacStadium to provide new Mac Pro hosting and colocation

For the Mac faithful, it won't do to share space on just any server -- you want to use a Mac server. Likewise, we like to have our own Mac servers colocated at a place that specializes in Macs. That's why hosting providers like MacStadium are so popular. Now MacStadium has announced that as soon a...

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Some fun uses for a remote Mac Mini server

MacStadium does remote Mac mini hosting, offering customers a fully connected Mac mini in a secure, controlled datacenter (just like the folks at MacMiniColo, who we've visited and written about before). If you have a Mac mini already, you can even send it to them for hosting, or you can rent o...

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Squarespace iOS app updated for v6 of web hosting tool

Squarespace recently updated its website hosting platform to version 6; the update includes new templates, an improved layout engine and better social integration. The company added a total of 50 new features to the platform. To accompany this change, Squarespace also updated its iPhone and iPa...

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iPhone 101: Uploading your Pictures to Flickr and printing sites

Uploading pictures from your iPhone to Flickr couldn't be easier. Many photo hosting and printing sites now allow you to upload pictures by email. (Of coure check with your host or printing service to see if they offer this option.) For Flickr, visit They'll assign ...

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Media Temple boasts iPhone friendly control panel

Media Temple, a well known hosting provider, has recently rolled out a beta version of their control panel made just for the iPhone. Judging from the number of folks who sent this to us (thanks to all of you!) there seems to be a large, and until now, untapped market of people who want to be able t...

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Widget Watch: DreamHost status

I'm a pretty happy DreamHost customer, though I've been with enough basic hosting plans to realize that many hosts (at least the ones in my price range) might experience some hiccups from time to time. It just seems to be the way hosting is, at least in my tax bracket. Fortunately, DreamHost offers ...

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Macgamefiles offers free game hosting has announced free game hosting for shareware and freeware game developers (but not for things like maps, mods, etc.). The only catch is that the game's developer needs to point their download links to the game's product page hosted at This, I assume, is so MGF can...

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