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Check out HelloTel when you check in to your hotel

HelloTel is a brand new social networking app. This app allows users to "check-in" to a hotel much like a user would check-in on location based apps like Foursquare. The user is then also able to see nearby users who have checked into their hotel as well as nearby hotels. It requires iOS 6.0 or ...

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'The world's only 7-Star hotel' is giving 24k gold-plated iPads to guests

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is often referred to as "the world's only 7-Star hotel." And now you can see why. The hotel has announced that it will be giving 24-carat gold-plated iPads to guests at check-in. The iPad will act as a "virtual concierge" for the hotel's guests, with information lik...

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Priceline says mobile flight bookers like taking it easy is one of the most well-known flight- and hotel-booking sites out there, and the company recently shared some information with TUAW about how its mobile device-based users tend to set up travel. The company identified three trends for the people booking flights from mobile devices...

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Daily iPhone App: Bad Hotel combines hotel building with music

Bad Hotel is a great game that you may have missed on the App Store earlier this year. I certainly missed it, though since it arrived (back around August), I believe, it's come up a few times in various game design and game reviewer circles. It's a weird mix of music and gameplay that is defini...

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iPads affect the future of hotel Wi-Fi

Hotels are at a crossroads because of the iPad, says a report from the New York Times. Travelers armed with iPads are taxing WiFi internet connections and causing problems for hotels that want to provide reliable internet service for their visitors. This bandwidth crunch is the result of i...

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The Plaza Hotel providing iPads for all guests

The Plaza Hotel in New York City is now providing all guests with iPads both in their rooms and in The Palm Court dining room, according to a report from Luxist. Started in January 2011, the program gives guests complete access to guest services like room service along with the ability to control r...

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London hotel offers guests iPad during stay

Select guests at The Berkeley in London will gain an extra amenity in addition to their already posh quarters -- an iPad. When the iPad comes out in the UK later this month, the hotel will offer the iPad to its guests staying in certain suites during their stay. The iPad will include a variety...

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Viva Las iMacs!

What happens in Vegas will be visible to your iChat buddies when the $2.9 billion Fontainebleau resort opens in Sin City next fall. reports that the Fontainebleau has partnered with Apple to install an iMac in every one of the 3,889 rooms and suites. To quote the fancy brochure a...

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In-room iMacs added to hotel amenities

Mac lovers traveling to the UK may be able to leave their computers at home -- as long as they stay at a City Inn hotel. Guests will find a shiny iMac in each room, with full access to the internet, iLife and Office apps. Plus, the hotel will let you use the iMac as a TV, internet radio and media pl...

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Charge your iPod and listen to it at the same time

This might be old news for most of you, but those new to the iPod might benefit from Chris Breen's latest iPod tip. Chris found himself in a hotel that has a TV with the right ports to hook up his iPod with video, however, the iPod was seriously lacking juice. He could just plug it into his laptop, ...

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