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Stayful is a must-have money saver for travelers

Stayful is a travel app that finds hotels in a number of cities across North America based on exactly what you're looking for, then gets you the best price possible. Browse photos of the hotels, view a list of amenities and reasons why you might like your stay there, then quickly make a reservati...

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts explores replacing room keys with iPhones and Android devices

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Starwood Hotels & Resorts (which owns hotel brands like Sheraton and Westin) is rolling out a new pilot program that will allow guests to bypass the check-in desk altogether and head straight to their rooms, using their smartphone as an e...

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iPads affect the future of hotel Wi-Fi

Hotels are at a crossroads because of the iPad, says a report from the New York Times. Travelers armed with iPads are taxing WiFi internet connections and causing problems for hotels that want to provide reliable internet service for their visitors. This bandwidth crunch is the result of i...

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Macworld hotel booking under the magnifying glass

Are you planning on attending Macworld Expo in January? If you are, you might want to start the process of booking a hotel room (if you have not already) so that you can ensure close proximity to the Moscone Center and (theoretically) better rates. Today on Twitter, @MacworldExpo tweeted the followi...

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Macs being installed in cruise ships, hotels

Yesterday we posted a tip about using your iPhone on a cruise ship, but what about if you want to use a Mac on a ship or in a hotel and you don't have a MacBook to take along with you? AppleInsider's Prince McLean is reporting that installations of Macs in hotels and on cruise ships are going strong...

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