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Apple improves iOS OS X integration with iMessage, Hotspot, and sharing upgrades

It just got a lot harder to say you missed a phone call thanks to Apple. At the WWDC 2014 keynote, Craig Federighi announced a few major changes to the way iOS integrates with OS X. First off you can now use your iOS device remotely from your OS X device. This includes SMS messaging and phone call...

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Home is where you roam: AT&T, Fon sign global WiFi agreement

AT&T customers traveling overseas may not have to look too far for WiFi access in the future. Today, the company signed an agreement with global hotspot provider Fon that gives AT&T customers access to Fon's nearly 12 million hotspots on smartphones and other WiFi-enabled devices. Fon's me...

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Some other cool (and relatively unmentioned) iOS 7 features

Craig Federighi simply didn't have the time to go through all of the features in iOS 7, so I decided to scrape some of those features from a slide. View PDF annotation -- in iOS, it's been impossible to view annotations that someone has added to a PDF. It appears that feature is finally coming ...

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The Cloud offering free Wi-Fi hotspots to AT&T customers in the UK

If you're an AT&T cellular customer, you're due for some free WiFi on your next trip to the UK, courtesy of The Cloud. The company, which is owned by satellite and telephony provider BSkyB, has inked a deal with AT&T to offer its customers free access to 16,000 WiFi hotspots throughout th...

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AT&T to expand LTE network to Cleveland, New Orleans and others

AT&T is set to blanket twelve new cities with LTE in the next few months. According to several press releases, AT&T will roll out LTE to parts of Ohio (Akron, Canton, and Cleveland), Louisiana (Baton Rouge and New Orleans) and Indiana (Bloomington, Lafayette and Muncie). Individual cities ...

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Hotspot Shield adds iOS connection protection with inexpensive VPN

If you're a security-conscious web surfer -- or an international traveler who likes to maintain access to US-based video streaming or voice services -- you may already be one of the millions of users of AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield, one of the leading consumer virtual private network (VPN) service...

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How to auto-join hotspots in Lion

Lion makes it easy to join free Wi-Fi hotspots with landing pages, like those at Starbucks and McDonald's (often offered by AT&T in the US and BT OpenZone in the UK). Technology baked into OS X Lion eliminates the need to use a browser to pass a landing page that stands between you and the ...

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Verizon launches 4G mobile hotspot

Customers can now order the new Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot online or in Verizon Stores, Samsung and Verizon announced on Tuesday. The new mobile hotspot, which allows up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to Verizon's 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network at the same time, will begin sh...

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AT&T confirms it will support personal hotspot for the iPhone

AT&T representative Seth Bloom reportedly told PhoneScoop that AT&T will offer personal hotspot when it debuts with iOS 4.3. As was suggested in earlier rumors, the hotspot feature will require customers to subscribe to the $45/4 GB DataPro Plan with tethering. AT&T was rumored to be ...

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AP photographer uses MyWi to cover Bahrain protests

James Lawler Duggan, a photojournalist from Washington, D.C., used his jailbroken iPhone 3GS and MyWi 4.0 tethering software to transmit photos from Bahrain (warning: photos are graphic in nature). This week, police locked down the capital of this small Persian Gulf kingdom as demonstrators prepared...

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MyWi OnDemand offers major connectivity upgrades for iPhone-as-hotspot (jailbreak)

For the last few years, MyWi has basically owned the iPhone-as-hotspot jailbreak market. With the app and a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you could share your 3G or EDGE connection with other devices with just a few simple taps. Multiple laptops or other mobile devices could connect to the Wi-Fi ho...

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Personal hotspot for Verizon iPhone priced at $20 for 2 GB, order pages live on Apple Store

Update: Apple's order pages for the Verizon iPhone are live on the Apple Store, but of course you can't actually order a phone yet -- MobileCrunch suggests practicing your order process just for fun and to refine your plan selections. [Just kidding.] Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney confi...

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iPad plus free mobile hot spot at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering a sweet bundle on the WiFi-based iPad which includes your choice of a free companion AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint mobile hotspot. 9to5Mac reports that the available mobile hotspots include the WiMAX-enabled Sprint Overdrive, the Global-ready, 3G Verizon Wireless Fivespot and the...

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Sprint giving away iPad cases at select Best Buy stores

Sprint does not carry the iPad, but they will give you a way to carry your iPad. Select Best Buy stores (a big box store here in the US) will be giving away those Sprint iPad cases that just happen to have a little pocket that's perfect for holding an Overdrive 3G/4G hotspot. Sprint expects to gi...

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iPad Wi-Fi issues continue to irritate

This morning, we spotted this write-up on Apple 2.0 about dealing with iPad Wi-Fi issues. Since this is the iPad's number one usability issue -- poor Wi-Fi throughput and lost connections -- users are on the prowl for solutions, even ones that may sound a little offbeat. In this case, one correspon...

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