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51% of households in the US own something made by Apple

According to a new survey put together by CNET, over half of all households in America now contain something made by our favorite company in Cupertino. Over 55 million homes in this country own something that Apple makes (whether that be a computer, an iOS device, or an Apple TV), which means t...

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Survey: 19 percent of households with iPads are likely to buy another

We've heard before that iPad demand is super high around the world, and here's another reason why: households that already have an iPad are actually pretty likely to go out and buy another one. In a recent survey of Americans who own iPads, 17 percent said they already own more than one iPad, and a...

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Report: 12% of US households own a Mac

A new NPD report says that 12% of US households now own a Mac of some kind. That's a nice gain -- just a year ago, back in 2008, the same stat was at 9 percent, so Apple has made nice jumps just in the last 12 months. But before you start crowing about Apple's impending superiority, here's another f...

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