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Tag: html 5

TUAW and MacTech interview: Tumult

Tumult is a timeline-based tool for creating HTML 5 animation on your Mac. Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Jonathan Deutsch of Tumult at WWDC 2012. Jonathan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their...

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No Comment: Friskies makes iPad web games for cats

So it's come to this. Originally, discovering that cats liked to play with the iPad was just a matter of coincidence -- Felix just liked to bat around the Magic Piano, and that was fine. But pet food maker Friskies has blown that idea right out, releasing a line of three full web-based games...

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Big pharmaceutical companies stockpiling iPads for future sales apps

Big pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to attract the attention of doctors in order to get them to use their expensive new products. Doctors, it turns out, are busy people who give the sales reps about 30 seconds of their valuable time -- most of which is...

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Apple approves JavaScript iOS games that don't use a browser

Look Ma, no WebKit! Your inner geek and nerd should give each other a little hug this morning as you read about the latest rather cool accomplishment of Dominic Szablewski, creator of the Impact JavaScript HTML 5 game engine. He's just released two free games, Biolab Disaster and Drop, which...

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Adobe releases Wallaby, experimental Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool

Adobe announced the release of Wallaby, an experimental tool designed to convert FLA files to HTML 5. This initial version of Wallaby is meant to convert animated Flash banners to HTML 5-compliant code. This output is optimized for viewing by WebKit-based browsers, including those on the iPhone,...

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Safari tip: Force HTML5 video to open instead of Flash

As more people get fed up with the poor performance and security flaws of Adobe's Flash Player, they are uninstalling the Flash plug-in from their computers. The problem is that even if a site offers up HTML5 video as an alternative to Flash, trying to get to it from Safari on a Mac will pop up the...

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Adobe to Apple: We love you, but...

The Apple/Adobe cage match continues with a new campaign from Adobe. We first noticed it on Engadget this morning. It begins with the simple statement "We [heart] Apple" and goes on to say, "We love Flash and HTML 5. We love our 3 million developers. We love authoring code only once. We love all...

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No need for an app with Sig Alert's maps

As TUAW's own Steve Sande noted, one of the neat features of Safari on iPhone OS 3.0 is its ability to leverage the HTML 5 geolocation API. One of the more prominent web-based services to use geolocation is Google's Latitude, which allows one to see where their friends are located and what they're...

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iPhone 101: Clear local Safari storage to resolve Gmail issues

There's no denying it: locally caching messages in Gmail on the iPhone (via the storage capability in HTML 5, similar to Google Gears) is fun and good for you, especially if you don't connect to your Gmail via IMAP in the regular iPhone Mail application. Unfortunately, if the local copy of your mail...

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