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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for April 30, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Hulu announces free TV episodes coming to mobile devices this summer

There's good news afoot for TV lovers. Hulu announced today that its content will be available for free on mobile devices beginning this summer. As one might expect, the service will be ad-supported, but should nonetheless be a source of excitement as Hulu on mobile was previously only available t...

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Apples and Oranges: Amazon moves into the Apple TV space

Those of us who have been waiting for an Amazon Prime channel to finally show up on their Apple TV now have an explanation as to why it never arrived. Today Amazon introduced FireTV (US $99), an Amazon set-top box that seems perfectly situated to compete with Apple TV. Amazon cited a 350% growth...

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Hulu Plus for iOS updated with Chromecast streaming for iPhone

At the beginning of the month, Google announced that Hulu Plus for iOS had been updated to support Chromecast streaming from the iPad. At the time, the update was met with some jeers as many use Hulu Plus on their iPhone. However, those users have to fret no more as the Hulu Plus app has been upda...

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NextGuide comes to iPhone - get control of your media viewing

TUAW looked at NextGuide more than a year ago, at which time it was a website and iPad app that alerted TV fans about movies and TV programs they might want to see. It was kind of a super TV Guide, but more personal. The free app has now come to the iPhone, and features push notifications in additio...

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Hulu Plus iOS app adds support for Chromecast streaming

Owners of Google's Chromecast media-streaming stick can now stream Hulu content from Hulu Plus on the iPad to the Apple TV competitor. Announcing the move on Google's official blog, the company said: Hulu has added Chromecast support to their Hulu Plus app -- just in time for the fall television...

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Can I Stream It makes movie night simpler

The way we watch movies and television is evolving, as more people adopt on-demand video. But still, the old question remains: "What's on that's worth watching?" The free web service Can I Stream It can help provide an answer. It lets you search for your favorite shows and movies to see if th...

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DivX Stash is a new free service that lets you get control of your online video viewing

DivX Stash is an interesting and free service that lets you collect your favorite YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and videos from other sources and keep them in a central library. The service is in beta. You can create custom playlists and watch them on any iOS device with a free app or on your Mac. If ...

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TUAW Best of 2012 Personal Picks: Michael Rose

At the start of 2012, Apple customers and employees were emerging from the initial mourning period for founder and chairman Steve Jobs. Twelve months later, with the first full post-Jobs year in the books, Apple is (mostly) on track with some remarkable successes and only one or two noticeable ...

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VPN for the rest of us: Interview with WiTopia

VPN, aka Virtual Private Network, is a technology that lets you securely share data across public networks. For the most part, when I think VPN, I typically imagine work-related corporate or federal government accounts, or people accessing the net in countries with excessive government surveillan...

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Hulu available on Apple TV in Japan

Hulu is now available to Apple TV customers in Japan. A year after Hulu launched in the region, Apple TV owners will find that Hulu has now popped up on their devices, just as those in the states did. You can try it for free for a month and then sign up after that. Enjoy, Japan!...

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Hulu updates iPad app with Retina support

Hulu rolled out an update to its iPad app that adds support for the Retina Display of the new iPad. The latest version has a new look and feel as well as an enhanced video playback engine. Hulu also has improved AirPlay mirroring and HDMI support, so you can watch your content on your HDTV. B...

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Hulu Plus app adds HDMI output for iPad 2

Hulu has updated its Hulu Plus iOS app, and this update provides the return of a feature that some users will really appreciate: HDMI output to video is back. That means that the Hulu app will now once again output HDMI video to a TV or monitor that you connect it to, so you can watch the servi...

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Apple may be putting in a bid to buy Hulu

According to Bloomberg, the online video service Hulu is up for sale, and Apple is reportedly considering bidding on it. Apple certainly has enough cash on hand to buy Hulu (about 35 times over), and if successful in its bid Apple would gain a huge foothold in video media services. Put together ...

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Five ways for iOS developers to deal with Apple's new subscription guidelines

Over the weekend, Hulu subtly updated its iOS application to comply with Apple's revised in-app subscription guidelines. As Mike Schramm posted earlier, it removed the link on its main sign-in page that allowed users to visit to sign up for service. Apple states in section 11.14 o...

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