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Hungry Shark Evolution swims back to life with 3D graphics

For a long time, one of my favorite games on iOS was Hungry Shark. It's a simple but addictive game that allows you to control a shark that swims around a wonderfully inventive undersea world eating as much as you can -- whether that was other fish, swimmers or even mad scientist villains strai...

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Freemium items may make money for devs, but aren't kept by consumers

The developers behind the iOS game Hungry Shark recently released some statistics showing just how powerful the freemium model (in which customers download an app or game for free, and then support it with in-app purchases) can be. While the game floundered as a paid app, it's gotten much more ...

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Win a copy of Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone

The guys at Future Games of London have just released Hungry Shark 3 for iPhone. The Hungry Shark series is one of my favorite games for iOS (you can read my review of Hungry Shark Trilogy for iPad here). Hungry Shark 3 pits Hungry Shark against shark finners, mad scientists and leaking oil rig...

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Michael's Best of Tech 2010 list

It's time for that honored tradition that's inescapable at the end of every year: the annual best/worst lists. But I'm generally a positive kind of guy, so I'm just going to share my "best of" part of the list. Below you'll find my selections for the best of tech that I used in 2010. Some of the ...

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Chew through the undersea ecosystem in Hungry Shark Trilogy HD

I have a new favorite iPad game, and it is Hungry Shark Trilogy HD. Maybe it's because I have an unreasonable fear of sharks that I love Hungry Shark so much. It allows me to control the very thing I fear. In Hungry Shark Trilogy you play as the shark, and your mission pretty much mimics a shark's ...

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