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Macworld publishes first round of benchmark results for new iMac

Macworld posted the results of its first benchmark tests for the newly updated family of iMacs this morning. The publication's tests found Apple's latest iMacs to be generally faster than previous iMacs, although certain build-to-order (BTO) models from 2010 still outperformed the new family of...

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Comparing the old iMacs with today's new models

Earlier today, Apple updated the iMac line with Thunderbolt, quad-core processors across the line and a HD camera for FaceTime. Prices start at US$1,199 for the 21.5", 2.5 GHz model and climb to $1,999 for the big daddy. How do the specs compare to the previous models? Here are some of the high...

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MacBook Pro BTO gets a silent speed bump

After distracting us with new goodies, Apple updated the MacBook Pro with a build-to-order CPU bump, bringing the full speed processor choice up to a 2.8GHz i7. The upgrade will cost you US$400 and is limited to the 17-inch and 15-inch models. Consider this the polar opposite of the new Core 2 du...

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Report: Core i7 MacBook Pros running hot

Tests performed by PC Authority found a Core i7 MacBook Pro to be running very hot, climbing to over 100 degrees Celsius. The magazine had a Core i7-620M based 17" MacBook Pro on their hands for testing. While putting it through their benchmark suite, they noticed that it scored lower in Photosho...

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Leaked details of Intel's Core i7-980X Processor

You'd think we were on the verge of an old-school Macworld Expo Keynote with all the rumors about this morning. Chinese site PCOnline.com.cn has spilled the beans on Intel's forthcoming Core i7-980x Processor. We're guessing that this processor could reside in future Mac Pros. Code-named "Gul...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro Intel Arrandale processors in January

Fudzilla is reporting that Intel will release Arrandale-based processors on January 3rd, 2010. Three in fact, branded as "Core i5" and "Core i7," ranging in speed from 2.4GHz to 2.66GHz. There are two Core i5 models. One features 3MB of cache, a 2.4GHz frequency, two cores and four threads plus T...

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