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iDisplay Mini extends your desktop to iPhone and iPod touch

Popular screen-sharing app iDisplay is now available in a new version designed specifically for extending your Mac's desktop onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Called iDisplay Mini, the US$0.99 app works as a client to the iDisplay Desktop program and can be configured in three ways: to extend you...

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hacksugar: Using your iPad as a second monitor

Looking for a novel way to put your iPad to work? How about using it as a second monitor for your desktop? Last week, I got a first look at iDisplay. It offers a system hack that extends your desktop space onto your iPad or iPhone. One big problem: although clever, the app remains at pretty much ...

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First Look: iDisplay

iDisplay is one of those apps that you receive as a press release in your inbox and just when you're about to move on, it suddenly hits you exactly what that app does. And you go "Oh man! Yes!" In this case, iDisplay transforms your iPad or iPhone into a second monitor for your Mac. I haven't ha...

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