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iDVD - black sheep of the iLife suite

For me, iDVD has always been the redheaded stepchild of the iLife suite. While I've used Garageband to make songs, iPhoto to manage photos (until I got Aperture), iWeb to make websites, and iMovie to make movies, until recently I'd never once tried to use iDVD to put together a DVD project. I've spe...

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David Pogue on iMovie '08: "What the [bleep]!"

iLife '08 buyers have spoken, and Apple has listened: the new iMovie '08 is a major disappointment in some key areas. So much so that Apple decided to provide iMovie '06 as a free download, but it's almost as if they knew this was going to happen, because iMovie '06 is the only iLife app that gets p...

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