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Tag: iPhone 5s

Walmart to slash iPhone 6 and 6 Plus prices by $50 in holiday sale

Shoppers looking for a deal an iPhone should swing by their local Walmart retail store this weekend. According to Bloomberg, the retailer is slashing the price of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5s by as much as $50. These reductions are taken off Walmart's original retail prices, which...

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Grovemade's beautiful handcrafted Walnut iPhone Case

Grovemade makes some amazing cases and accessories out of wood, and we've covered a few of them before. Recently, a Walnut iPhone Case for iPhone 6 (US$99) came into the TUAW Labs for our inspection, and it's a gorgeous piece of work. Check out this review and then enter for a chance to win this...

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ComfortWay Travel Case: International data roaming for $2/day

Up to now, international travelers have had a few very expensive options for using data roaming off of their carrier network. You could just leave everything on your iPhone turned on, then pay an arm and a leg for all of that bandwidth you chewed up sending Vines from the Parthenon to your friends...

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Stunning solar eclipse photo taken with an iPhone 5s

To promote the field of astronomy, NASA each day publishes an "Astronomy Picture of the Day" that showcases different aspects of our amazing universe. Each photo includes a brief explanation, which is written in layman's terms by a professional astronomer. An entry from Monday of this week highli...

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Bison iPhone 5/5s Wallet: Carry it all without the bulk

The Bison is an amazing animal that evokes the old West. Rugged, independent, and able to withstand weather extremes without blinking, they roam the new West in herds that are growing each year after being hunted almost to extinction in the late 1800s. It's fitting that Bison Made, LLC chose the b...

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Doing the math: Apple device pixels on parade

The new "Baby Dolphin*" iPhone 6 Plus will ship with a 1920 x 1080 Retina HD pixel display on a 5.5" screen. Compared and contrasted to a 7" iPad mini with Retina display, with its 2048 x 1536 Retina pixels, the Baby Dolphin compares favorably. It offers approximately 66% of the screen space but ...

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YouTube Find: Home repair of an iPhone 5s display

Walking around with a cracked iPhone 5s because you don't have AppleCare+ ? There's good news as CNET TV has published an excellent video walking you through the replacement of a cracked iPhone 5s display. If you watch the video tutorial and read this step-by-step guide from iFixit, then you will ...

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Skinit inkFusion Pro iPhone cases are unique, fun, and protective

Tired of having the same iPhone case that everybody else has? How about making a custom case that is distinctly your own? That's what the customizable Skinit inkFusion Pro cases (US$34.99) are all about. Grab a picture that fits your unique personality and with a few clicks, you're on your way to ...

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Apple news bites for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's been very, very quiet in the world of Apple the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing happening out there. Here are a few little snack-sized bits of news that we've picked up this morning: Did you break the screen on your iPhone 5s? Just walk into your local Apple Stor...

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New "Dreams" ad focuses on the many uses of the iPhone 5s

Apple has released another of its classy ads that show just how powerful we humans can be when equipped with an iOS device. In "Dreams", the company focuses on the iPhone 5s and shows everything from a Vaavud anemometer being used to measure wind speed at a beach to a doctor using the device to tr...

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New iPhone ad touts parenting features of iPhone

Apple on Sunday rolled out a new commercial for the iPhone 5s entitled "Parenthood." There's no Steve Martin cameo but it does feature several heartwarming family interactions while showcasing a few kid-oriented iOS apps. The commercial concludes with Apple's recent tagline -- "You're more powerf...

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Walmart slashes iPhone 5c down to $29 and iPhone 5s down to $99

It's that time of the year, folks. With iPhone 6 rumors steadily mounting, deals on current iPhone models are getting all the more attractive. Our sister site Engadget is reporting that Walmart on Friday will begin selling the iPhone 5c and 5s and heavily discounted prices. Specifically, a 16 GB i...

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T-Mobile's free iPhone 5s Test Drive program is now live

T-Mobile's recently announced Test Drive program has officially launched, and it's already off to a wild success. Over 12,000 people pre-registered for the trial before today's official start date. With Test Drive, T-Mobile will send you a brand new iPhone 5s set up with unlimited data, text, and ...

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Apple helps T-Mobile Test Drive program

T-Mobile is launching a new initiative to introduce shoppers to its network with help from Apple, in the form of a free iPhone 5s. Called "Test Drive," the promotion is targeted at customers of rival US carriers who are considering switching. After signing up, participants will receive a free, no-...

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Stunning Bentley ad shot entirely with an iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad air [Video]

Bentley has published an intriguing black-and-white video documentary capturing its design philosophy. The car featured in this video is the Bentley Muslanne, a sleek ride that only costs US$298,000 at a minimum. A real steal! Intelligent Details, a short documentary film commissioned by Bentley...

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