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Tag: iPod classic

Flickr Find: A real classic

With all the brouhaha surrounding Apple's iPod class action lawsuit making headlines this week, it's only fitting this week's Flickr Find is a lovely picture of a once forgotten, now revived iPod owned by Cole Camplese As pointed out by Cole, the best part about reviving an older device is redisc...

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A tribute to the iPod Classic -- RIP, old friend

The iPod Classic, the standard for portable music for over a decade, has been discontinued due to a lack of availability of the parts needed to make it. While current generations exist, each with their own features that make them unique in their own way, nothing Apple currently sells matches the ...

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Tim Cook on axing the iPod Classic: "We couldn't get the parts anymore"

Last month, Apple swiftly and quietly put an end to the venerable iPod Classic. No announcements were made, no funeral was held. Instead, all references to the Classic were casually removed from the iPod section on Apple's website, dashing the dreams of users who prefer -- nay, demand! -- 160GB of...

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iPodfather Tony Fadell laments the discontinuation of the iPod Classic

Apple two weeks ago unceremoniously killed the iPod Classic, the last vestige of Apple's iPod glory days. While the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch all remain, the form factor that became synonymous with the digital music revolution is decidedly nothing more than a memory now. In the wake of the ...

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Apple kills iPod Classic in total silence

iPhone 6! iPhone 6 Plus! Apple Watch! Apple Pay! iPod Classic? Yes, in the midst of all the smartphones and watches flying about this morning, Apple took the opportunity to kill off the clickwheel-equipped iPod Classic that has somehow dodged every bullet imaginable. The iPod section on

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Microsoft wants you to buy their products, to start offering cash for iPhones

Earlier in the month, Microsoft -- which would love for you to pick up one of its new second-generation Surface 2 tablets -- began offering iPad owners a paltry US$200 or more for a trade-in in hopes that you'd actually fall for the ploy, grab the cash and buy one of their beleaguered tablets. Now...

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Apple adds $59 AppleCare+ for iPod classic and iPod touch

Apple has quietly added a US$59 AppleCare+ plan for the iPod classic and iPod touch. Like other products eligible for AppleCare+ plans, the iPod classic and iPod touch can now get an additional year of warranty coverage, a total of two years of phone support and two incidents of repair or replacem...

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Create a bootable iPod classic

Remember the iPod classic? That chunky little slab of plastic in which you could store thousands of songs on an internal hard disk drive? Well, if you do, and if you still happen to have one laying around somewhere collecting dust, Chris Breen over at Macworld has the perfect job for it: using an ...

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Win a collector's item: a Behringer iNuke Boom Junior speaker dock

I'm usually very good about turning around reviews; usually within a week or two of receiving a review device or accessory I've had a chance to try it out, take photos, and write it up. But there are two things that have been sitting in my office unopened for a few months, and I finally decided to...

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Six cool upgrades for an old iPod

If you have an old iPod kicking around, TechHive has some ideas that'll help you breathe some new life into these vintage devices. Each upgrade mentioned in the post are warranty-voiders, but that doesn't matter anymore because the devices are so old. The lists of mods include changing the ba...

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Very little changed for this year's iPod lineup

Apple's announcement for its recent event said "Let's talk iPhone," and that's what the main focus of its event turned out to be. The iPod lineup did receive some (very) modest updates at the same time, but they were "blink and you'll miss it" moments. So what's new for the iPod line in 201...

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Daily Update for September 28, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the in...

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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: The classically fake iPod classic

We get purported product leak pics sent to us all the time, and of course, the vast majority of them are fake. In an era when anyone with free time and a copy of Photoshop can slap together something that's convincing at first glance, we're sort of jaded when we look at these Blurrycam photos. In...

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Good news for Australians: Apple drops iPod prices

Apple often charges more for products sold outside of the US, but with the Australian dollar coming over parity with the value of the US dollar (currently less than a four cent differential), the company has reduced Australian prices of the entire iPod line. The 160 GB iPod classic was reduce...

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Steve Jobs reportedly says "no plans" to discontinue iPod Classic

The iPod Classic is one of those Mac products that, like the Mac mini, is constantly rumored to be facing its imminent demise. But, the 160 GB classic still hangs in there -- its magnetic drive and scroll wheel offering the capacity that none of its flash-based siblings can even hold a candle t...

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