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iSale updates bring Safari 3 compatibility and over 200 templates

Whether you make a living from buying and selling on eBay or you merely sell off your basement junk when it gets too crowded down there, iSale is a fantastic eBay client that merges the wonders of Mac OS X with the world's leading online marketplace. Offering beautiful tempaltes, WYSIWYG auction ...

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iSale 4 brings major eBay auction upgrades

iSale from equinux is a killer app for anyone serious about selling on eBay, and a recent update to version 4 brings some major new features to the table. A completely revamped template chooser functions much like GarageBand's sample chooser, utilizing multiple keywords to help you filter through ...

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iSale 3.1 adds eBay interactivity, prepares for upcoming site changes

iSale, the application our own Scott McNulty dubbed 'the Delicious Library for eBay auctions', has been bumped to version 3.1 with some very useful site interactivity and significant changes under the hood. iSale 3.1 can now relist unsold auctions and allow you to watch how many people have looked...

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iSale 3

While I was watching the iSale 3 demo I couldn't help but think, 'This is Delicious Library for eBay auctions.' This application allows you to list items on eBay, preview what it will look like, and track the status and the bids on your current auctions in real time. There is also a Dashboard Widge...

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