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Dear Aunt TUAW: Apple TV and oddball video formats

Hey Auntie TUAW, I just ordered my new Apple TV, and have a ton of footage in MKV, AVI, etc. which probably won't work with iTunes, let alone my Apple TV. What can I do to batch convert and import all my movies to iTunes, which will work with Apple TV and be as high-rez as possible? With al...

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Evom beta takes up iSquint's mantle, effortlessly converts video formats

While still in beta, Evom (from The Little App Factory, makers of iPodRip) looks ready to pick up where iSquint left off. It easily and quickly converts videos to formats compatible with iTunes, YouTube, your iPod, and Apple TV. It couldn't be a simpler drag-and-drop operation: drop the video on the...

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Roxio to announce Crunch, a new video conversion app

Looks like VisualHub and iSquint are going to have some competition on their hands, as Roxio on Monday will announce Crunch, their own entry into the software video conversion market. With computer-based video leaving the nest for devices like the Apple TV, the iPod and soon the iPhone, tools tha...

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iSquint 1.5

iSquint, the little video encoder that could, has hit version 1.5. New things in iSquint 1.5 include a new icon, 640x480 H.264 low complexity support (whatever that means), Flash 8 video can be converted to iPod friendly formats, and faster tagging for videos in iTunes. All of this for the low, low ...

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iSquint 1.4.1 with 'MPEG-in-.mov' goodness

iSquint, the fantastic little iPod video converter that we've mentioned before, has been updated to version 1.4.1 with a big new feature: handling QuickTime files that contain MPEG video that most other players/encoders will balk at. Various other code tweaks have brought some big speed improvements...

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Handbrake Lite

The fine folks who brought us iSquint, now give us Handbrake Lite. You may remember Handbrake as that super cool app that rips DVD's into tons of different formats. Handbrake Lite is just like that, only it rips your DVD's into an iPod ready format (320x* MPEG-4 SP, ffmpeg, 1000kbps avg, 48000KHz 12...

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