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Apple tops 5 billion mark in iTunes sales

When the iTunes Store was first introduced (hey, remember when it was called the iTunes Music Store and all you could buy were DRMed music tracks? Those were the days) I thought people wouldn't spend much money there. Sure, it was pretty and easy to use but people don't want DRM laced music, thoug...

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iTunes movies come to Canada as well

UK readers aren't the only ones who can now purchase and rent movies via iTunes, Canadian readers will be happy to note they can get in on the fun as well. Interestingly the viewing period for rentals in Canada also lasts for 48 hours, which leads me to believe that the US window will also increase ...

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iTunes UK gets rentals

Apple fans across the pond have long complained about their inability to purchase or rent movies from within iTunes. Those users now have reason to celebrate (and maybe give that Apple TV some use), as movies are now available in the UK iTunes Store! According to the press release, 700 titles are av...

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Radiohead returns to iTunes

If you haven't been keeping track of the whole Radiohead/iTunes drama it went something like this TUAW summary: iTunes: "You must sell the tracks" RH: "We won't sell the tracks!" iTunes: "You must sell the tracks" RH: "We won't sell the tracks!" iTunes: "Then don't sell the tracks!" RH: "We are so o...

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4 million iTunes songs disappear, speculations abound

Last week, Apple's iTunes Store turned 5 years old. Now the blogosphere is buzzing with the fact that Apple said they had over "10 million" songs in their library, then later changed the page to say "6 million." That's a difference of 4 million songs unaccounted for. MacNN did the math and said that...

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Apple celebrates 5 years of iTunes Store

On the iTunes Store (iTunes link), Apple is celebrating 5 years since the original iTunes Music Store launched on April 28, 2003. Each of the last five years (2003-7) is marked with bestsellers and staff favorites (conveniently arranged for you to add them to your own collection). Clearly in a glowi...

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Apple passes Walmart, number 1 in US music sales

Ars Technica managed to get access to unreleased data from NPD MusicWatch that shows that Apple is now the leading music retailer in the US, passing Walmart. Apparently the news was sent in an internal Apple email and Cupertino now controls 19% of retail music sales, against Walmart's 15% and number...

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iTunes, number 2 with a bullet

I have an iPod, an iPhone, an Apple TV, and I manage all my music with iTunes as I am sure many, many other people out there do as well. Why do I mention this? Because some of my purchases (and yours too) contributed to making the iTunes Store the second largest music retailer in the US (according ...

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iTunes Store adds 99 cent weekly movie rental specials

Along with the iTunes update we noted earlier, Apple has introduced a new weekly special movie rental for 99 cents. Macrumors reports that each Thursday Apple will make available a new movie at the special price, good until the following Monday. You'll have the standard 30 days to watch it. The firs...

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George Harrison solo works now on iTunes

The Beatles are now on iTunes-- kind of. George Harrison has become the last solo Beatle to be added to the iTMS, as iTunes now carries all of his solo work (including "Got My Mind Set on You"-- enjoy having that in your head for the rest of the day). That means that all the Beatles have now had the...

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Other companies and Apple's iTunes price war

NBC has gotten all the press in their big fight with Apple, but a few other companies are currently considering their options about what to do with iTunes pricing. News Corp is apparently ready to draw a line in the sand. Their COO Peter Chernin says "negotiations will be prickly and dicey and conte...

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NY Post: Apple to begin selling iPhone ringtones

The New York Post is reporting that Apple will shortly begin selling iPhone ringtones through the iTunes Store by allowing users to convert any iTunes song into a ringtone for an additional fee. Perhaps even more interesting is the claim that "Apple will also allow users to convert songs they have p...

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John Lennon on iTunes

Imagine all the people... downloading John Lennon's songs. It isn't hard to do-- John Lennon's music is now available on the iTunes store as of last night. Right around 3AM, reader Ricky (thanks!) saw the graphic above pop onto the store, and noticed that Working Class Hero, among other albums, ha...

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Will iTunes truly support interoperability?

Earlier this week, Apple and EMI broke some serious ground in the digital music industry by announcing DRM-free music across the entirety of EMI's catalog, beginning with the iTunes Store. In the conference call, Steve Jobs cited interoperability as a key reason for the move; songs downloaded from t...

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iTunes Store gains Star Trek podcasts, music and books, American Dad debuts

First, the original Star Trek debuted in the iTunes Store, then the TV series (not movies) was pulled for some odd reason. Then the shows returned, but now we have a dedicated Star Trek section that's been beefed up with podcasts, music (soundtracks, really), audiobooks and more. Now all we need T...

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