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ITV introduces ITV Player Premium subscription for iOS

The UK's ITV has announced that is is offering an ad-free ITV Player Premium subscription for iOS users for £3.99 a month. The current ITV Player app allows users to catch up on on-demand TV shows for up to thirty days after that air, but these shows have ads. Now ITV is hoping to profit fro...

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ITV Player 2.0 adds live streams of the UK broadcaster's TV to iPhone, iPad

For our friends in the UK, ITV Player has received a 2.0 update that gives you live access to ITV 1 and ITV 2 over Wi-Fi or 3G. ITV also will provide an extra stream for live events that do not show on either of those channels. For those wanting to catch up on a show, however, that can only be ...

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Britain's ITV warns Apple again not to use "iTV" (Updated)

Back in August of 2010, UK commercial television network ITV balked at rumors that Apple would rebrand the Apple TV as iTV, threatening legal action. Years later, the network is at it again, this time addressing rumors that Apple's "hobby" is due for a refresh and potential re-branding. Apple has n...

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British broadcaster ITV makes the move to Mac

Another major company has made the switch to the Mac. This time it's British broadcaster ITV, which is currently in the middle of a five-year technology transition. The company will switch out its employees' PCs with Macs and include Google Apps in the deal, installing Google's software on hard...

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Apple TV prototype sold on eBay

A prototype of the original Apple TV, or "iTV" as it was known when Jobs first unveiled it in 2006, has been sold on eBay for a Buy It Now price of US$350. As you can see from the image above, the prototype unit has an Apple Development Team barcode and a sticker that marks the unit as a "DVT" ...

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i.TV extends to the iPad, adds Hulu integration

The free i.TV app for iPhone has been providing program guide and show information for TV addicts since October of 2008, and it's been improving steadily since then. With version 3, now available on the App Store, the app has gone universal and provides a full-screen iPad experience for browsin...

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New AppleTV delivers on $99 price point, streaming

It's billed as "One More Hobby." It hasn't been a big hit, but those who used the Apple TV have shown affection for the device and provided Apple with valued feedback. Apple took this feedback and retooled the Apple TV into a smaller form-factor that clocks in at 1/4th the size of its first-gen...

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News Corp reportedly holding back iTunes rentals

With all of the speculation flying around about tomorrow, a few people are poopooing any idea that Apple will mention the iTV at all. The invitation doesn't say anything about it being "show time." Images like the guitar are usually reserved for iLife and the iPod, and it's unlikely that Apple will ...

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Roku cuts price of media players in possible anticipation of new Apple TV

Maybe it's coincidence, but probably not. On the eve of a rumored announcement of an updated US $99.00 Apple TV, Roku has cut the price of its media players. The standard definition model has been slashed $20 to $59.99, and the high definition model has been trimmed by $30 to $99.99. The Roku har...

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TUAWxperts: September event predictions

With the September 2010 Apple media event just days away, here's a quick team round-up of our takes on the likely product introductions. Victor Agreda: I'm betting on an iPod nano with touchscreen (because flicking is the new scrolling), and an iPod touch with a camera and retina screen. As for t...

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Griffin confirms PartyDock iPad/iPhone peripheral is on the way

If you're familiar with the Scene It? franchise for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, you've probably never thought of having a similar model work on an iPhone or an iPad. If you're like me, you may have an "of course" moment when you first see the Griffin PartyDock. Thanks to the FCC posting the PartyD...

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In Brief: September 1 Apple event

As preparations begin in San Francisco (check out the Yerba Buena Center's new look) for the September 1 press event, here's a brief review of what's likely and unlikely to go down. iPods are a given, and likely to be the thrust of the event. Apple has refreshed the line every year in September s...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What's in Apple's guitar hole?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I eventually demystified the Apple 9/1/2010 Press Invitation. I had a look at the press release image I found on (it's a little bigger than yours) in Photoshop. Instinctively the soundhole was very interesting to me, especially th...

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Oh, Plex. You tease!

All sorts of buzz in the blogosphere this afternoon after Plex, makers of a respected Mac-based digital media center application updated their blog with a cryptic hint that seems to point to next Wednesday's Apple event. Plex provides a centralized way to access your media library from a simple ...

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More murmuring about 99 cent iTunes TV rentals

Well now. The previous rumor about 99 cent rentals for TV episodes on iTunes was just your average, but now that we know there's an Apple event just around the corner, it's time to start making hay out of all the chaff floating around. A source now tells the Wall Street Journal that Apple is pushin...

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