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Image spotted on Apple's website hints at iWork '11

A small misstep by Apple in a MacBook Air image hints at the rumored iWork 11 suite. Located directly above the iPhoto image in the right sidebar is a reference to the rumored productivity suite. Rumors coming fast and furious last year pointed to a January launch of the iWork 11 applications a...

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iWork '11 hinted at on Apple web page, then disappears

Several TUAW readers and our very own Mike Schramm pointed out something interesting today: on Apple's web page about the Mac app store, one of the screenshots shows a link for the iWork '11 apps. iWork '11? The suite made up of Pages, Numbers and Keynote that didn't make it into the Mac App Store o...

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Poll: Do you think FaceTime for Mac will be released next week?

One of our readers, Adam, asked a very interesting question earlier today: Do you think that FaceTime for Mac will come out of beta and be released on the Mac App Store on Jan. 6th? It would seem to be a given that Apple will release it through the App Store at some point, and January should have b...

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All signs point to January 6th launch of iWork '11

According to 9to5 Mac, retail copies of iWork '09 are running low at Apple Retail Stores. As one Apple retail employee told 9to5, "There is no iWork on the shelves, no iWork in stock and none on the way." That alone is a pretty good sign Apple's office suite is about to be updated, but there's even ...

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Steve-mail says Keynote '11 to have AirPlay, Apple TV capabilities

TUAW received a tip from reader Jared today, who sent us a copy of an email sent to him from Steve Jobs in response to a question he had asked. We verified the email headers, and it looks like the real thing. In his email to Jobs, Jared asked if the new Apple TV would accept presentations via an iO...

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iWork '11 may wait for the Mac App Store

Plenty of people, including some of us at TUAW, thought an updated iWork suite would debut alongside iLife at the recent "Back to the Mac" event. iWork was a no-show at that event, however, and AppleInsider claims it's because Apple is holding off on a release of iWork '11 until the launch of the M...

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