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i'Coo baby stroller Made for iPod

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an iPod in the baby carriage! We've blogged about iPod-enabled strollers (or prams, if you prefer) before, but it's been a while, so let's revisit the concept, shall we? The point of an iPod combined with a stroller is not to tune out your screaming...

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Flickr Find: iBaby Designed by Apple in California?

We're not sure if kmcculler even lives in California, but there's no mistaking the birthmark on that baby. Yes, that child has the mark of the beast best. What do you think, folks, have the parents of this child Photoshopped him for fun or is this The Second Coming of Steve Jobs? Thanks, Barb!...

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Kolcraft iBaby: The iPod stroller

You love your kids, you love your iPod. But how can you enjoy your tunes when you're pushing jr. around in the stroller all day? Just make sure your stroller is a Kolcraft iBaby (enough with the "i" already). The iBaby is a reclining umbrella stroller that has a docking station that fits the iPod an...

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