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Safari-to-1Password search bookmarklet for iOS

1Password on iOS is the best way I've found to manage secure passwords, but the 4.0 version did not make it easy to search for passwords straight from Safari, iCab or another browser (well, not Chrome, which doesn't support bookmarklets). The recent 4.1 release added several bug-fixes and added ...

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Secure browsing on iOS in Safari or iCab Mobile

A friend who values her privacy asked: "How do you delete Google search history on an iPhone?" There are two ways to do this, the first of which is to go to the Settings app, scroll down to 'Safari' and then click the 'Clear History' button as shown above. The second can be done from inside S...

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Unofficial "Look Up in 1Password" bookmarklet for iOS 5

1Password is one of my most-used iOS apps, since I need it to log in to any site which requires a password. Since the introduction of 1Password on iOS, Agile has provided a bookmarklet which will open 1Password and then search for the current domain. That helps the fact that 1Password can't be full...

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iCab Mobile for iOS is like a pro version of Safari

When I first used Safari on my iPhone, I was blown away by how much better it was than any other mobile browser, but since then, Apple hasn't done much with it. A recent Safari update brought significant speed increases, but there are many other limitations that finally led me to try something el...

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SlideRocket brings web presentations to iPhone and iPad with HTML5

Since the dawn of time, traveling professionals have sought easier ways to present on the go. Pico projectors! Netbooks! Converting presentations to video to show them on iPhones! Then there was Keynote on the iPad, and it was good. Not great, however: presenters with libraries of PPT content have h...

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iCab 4.0

File this one under, 'they still make that app?' iCab, the Mac only browser in case you haven't heard of it, has hit 4.0. This version marks the app's triumphant entrance into the 'Cocoa only' club, which means it should run faster (according to the developers, I don't want to start a Carbon vs. Co...

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