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ThinkGeek's 8-bitty controller isn't bad, if you already want one

ThinkGeek's iCade started out as an April Fool's joke. In conjunction with the folks at Ion Audio, that product actually came to be, and it's been so successful that it's launched a whole line of different controller products, most of them from Ion. But ThinkGeek isn't done with this brand yet....

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iCade's 8-bitty controller now out

That "8-bitty" wireless controller announced by ThinkGeek a while ago is now available in the company's online store. For US$29.99, you can grab hold of an NES-style retro controller, with not two but four buttons designed to work with iOS games across the iCade protocol. This is not an Ion Aud...

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The iCade Mobile puts console-style buttons on your iPhone or iPod touch

We first heard about the iCade Mobile back when the unit was introduced at CES this year, and as mentioned last week, it's now out and available. I've been playing with one for a couple of weeks now, and I can tell you that it's an impressive device. The unit is sturdy, the buttons work great...

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iPad gaming adapter iCade Mobile now shipping

Ion Audio, the company behind the iCade Arcade cabinet for the iPad, is shippping its latest product, the iCade Mobile. As its name implies, the iCade Mobile is a Bluetooth game controller for the iPhone and iPod touch. The accessory adds physical buttons and a D-Pad to your iOS device and lets...

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Ion announces release date, price for iCade Core and Mobile

We saw the new iCade Core (one of three takes on Ion's popular iCade iOS joystick accessory) back at CES earlier this year, but now it has a price and a date, for the UK at least. June is when it will arrive in Great Britain, according to the official Ion site, and it'll have a price of £49.99,...

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ION Audio follows up iCade with two new devices, iCade Mobile and the iCade Jr.

ION Audio has had a hit this last year with its iCade arcade cabinet, a standalone Bluetooth controller for the iPad that turned Apple's tablet into a miniature arcade system. And now the company is following up that success with three new devices, meant to make games on the iPhone and iPod t...

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Arcade emulator iMAME punted out of App Store

Fans of vintage arcade games know that the popular and free emulation tool MAME (stands for "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator") can be used to recreate the experience of classic coin-op and console videogames on PCs, Macs and jailbroken iOS devices. The catch, of course, is that in order to r...

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ThinkGeek's iCade on sale for $59.99 today

I just touted the ThinkGeek/Ion iCade arcade unit for iPad in my recent accessories roundup for the holidays, and if you were on the fence about buying one for yourself or as a gift, that decision might be a little easier. The geeky gift site is putting the unit on sale for US$59.99 during Blac...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for all

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ...

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iCade-compatible games listed

Touch Arcade has a list of the games on the App Store currently compatible with ThinkGeek's iCade arcade stand for the iPad. It's certainly more than just the one official Atari app that it was compatible with at release, but the list is still pretty short, with only 16 titles included: No...

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Jailbreak app iMAME4All adds iCade support

The latest version of iMAME4All, a jailbreak app that lets you play retro arcade games on your iOS device, added support for the iCade desktop arcade cabinet for the iPad. It lets you play any MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) compatible ROM on your iCade and opens it up to a variety of p...

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iCade, the almost-ultimate gaming accessory for your iPad (updated)

I've been playtesting the iCade for a few weeks now to see how it holds up under "real world" use. The iCade began as a joke product on ThinkGeek's website but was then produced by ION Audio as a real, working arcade cabinet for the iPad. Using Bluetooth to connect to your iPad, the iCade provi...

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iCade iPad arcade cabinet one step closer to late May release

It's almost here! Sources report that Ion Audio's iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad has passed FCC approval, just in time for the planned release on May 31. The cabinet was originally seen as an April Fool's Day joke on ThinkGeek, but in the past few years, it's steadily moved towards reality a...

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Atari releases over 100 Greatest Hits to the App Store

Atari is borrowing a playbook page from Capcom -- it's released an app called Atari's Greatest Hits on the New Zealand App Store, which should be here in the US by tomorrow. Like Capcom's Arcade app, Atari's new title features a ton of retro arcade hits (more than 100), all available via in-app...

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Beware, it's April Fools' Day!

With the iPad launch just two days away and new iPad news flooding the net almost every hour, we want to remind all our readers that today is April Fools' Day -- so take what you hear with a grain of salt. The web is already bursting with April Fools' pranks. Some of my favorites are: Google Tran...

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