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Popular iCam app gets a big brother with a lot more features

I've really enjoyed using the iCam app (US$4.99) over the years. It lets me remotely view the webcams in my house, helping me keep track of my parrot and make sure no one is breaking in. The old iCam is still for sale, but it now has a sibling in the form of iCam Pro (free, but a subscription wil...

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Man watches his home being burglarized via his iPhone

The AP is reporting the story of a Dallas man who went out of town to visit relatives 1400 miles away in Hartford, Conn. While he was there, he got an alert from his iCam app, which was running on his iPhone, that motion had been detected in his house. It turned out to be two intruders that were try...

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Two days without an iPhone

Last week I went and did it. I reserved the new iPhone. I'll pick it up Thursday morning. To keep the purchase price cheap, I sold my old one to Nextworth, one of a few firms that gives good deals on used electronics. I sent it in yesterday to make sure it got there in time, because they want it pos...

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iCam updated, now records video when motion is detected

I have always really liked iCam [iTunes link]. It will certainly be on my 'best iPhone apps of the year' list. Now it's been updated to automatically record video when it detects motion, and it allows you to play it back on your iPhone. This was a much requested feature, and in my testing it work...

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iCam brings video from home to the iPhone

I was intrigued by Lauren's post the other day where she briefly talked about using the iCam phone app [App Store] to do some baby monitoring. I wondered what else I could do with this US$4.99 app, so I gave it a try with great results. One nice thing about iCam is it can integrate up to 4 live vide...

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The mighty mini, take two: DIY video baby monitor

What do you get when you combine a new parent on maternity leave with a love of gadgets and Apple products? Why, you get "baby monitor overkill!" In response to Dave Caolo's recent ode to the Mac mini, I figured it was time to step up. I had two things gathering dust: my old standalone iSight, a go...

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