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Survey shows 42% of iPhone users run out of storage space once a month or more

Not to harp this on this issue, but 16GB isn't really a lot of storage. God forbid you try to get by with less than that, say 8GB. But how much does living with 16GB actually impact your life? A new study from the cloud photography app IceCream and Ondevice Research says it impacts regular usage f...

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Ben & Jerry's stores in Singapore giving away free iPhone cases

Popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's is giving away a set of pretty awesome iPhone cases -- but only in Singapore. Customers in that country will be able to trade in four carton tops to stores there and pick up one of 5,000 completely free iPhone covers. You can see what the covers look like a...

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Ben & Jerry's app adds augmented reality "Moo Vision"

When I heard about the updated version of Ben & Jerry's iPhone app, "Scoop of Happiness," now with augmented reality, I really wanted to give it a try. After all, I've finally upgraded to a phone that can do all that neat/gimmicky augmented reality stuff, so why not? The app has a few typical...

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Taking it too far: Ice Pod ice cream bars

Oh, those crazy Norwegians. Ice cream maker Henning Olsen has announced their plans to produce a chocolate covered-ice cream bar that looks like, you guessed it, an iPod. The iPod Classic, to be exact. But wait, there's more! Each "IcePod" as they're called comes with access to a free song by a N...

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