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iChair for iPhone 4: A special discount for TUAW readers

The iChair cases for iPhone and iPad are unique in that they provide protection for your device through a two-layer (hard on the outside, soft on the inside) design, and they also have a small extendable kickstand on the back to prop up your device for easy viewing. iPhone 4 owners were out o...

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TUAW TV "Not so live": Remotes, cases, and keyboards

Both today and next Wednesday, I'll be away from my messy studio during TUAW TV Live. But that doesn't mean that fans of the show have to go without their weekly fix. I've whipped up a couple of nice HD episodes that you can watch in my absence. What's the topic of today's show? Well, think of i...

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iChair for iPad 2 looking for a little Kickstarter love

In the last year, just about every iPad case or stand has made it to my office for a review. While I don't always write them up, I often show the products on TUAW TV Live. It doesn't matter what I'm showing; there's always someone for whom the product is perfect, and a lot of people liked the cas...

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The iChair combines a case with a stand for iPhone and iPad

One of my favorite things about shows like CES is hearing stories about products straight from the vendors themselves. Not everyone has a product as flashy as the Sphero or as attention-grabbing as the hot new tablet computers. Some of the vendors in the booths are just people trying to sell cases....

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A helmsman's chair that would make James T. Kirk green with envy

NorSap is a Norwegian firm that manufactures those impressive chairs for the helmsmen and pilots on sea-going vessels. These chairs are extremely rugged, as they need to be able to stand up to rough conditions, but they also need to be adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes and comfortable enough...

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