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NSBasic/AppStudio now native on OS X

George Henne, the developer of the AppStudio development environment for NSBasic, has announced that the latest, just-released version of the software, version 3, now includes completely native support for Mac. AppStudio allows developers to use BASIC or Javascript to create iPhone or Android a...

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Gamesalad aiming to bring their development system to the iPhone

Here's yet another interesting take on the burgeoning App Store environment. A company called Gendai Games has a game creator IDE/app called Gamesalad, designed to let you put together rapid prototype-style games for the Mac. They've been doing this for a while, and they even let you export your gam...

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ActiveState releases Komodo 3.5.2 for OS X

Komodo, a powerful IDE for various scripting languages and the like, has been released for OS X by ActiveState. Any time a company releases an IDE for OS X I do a little dance on the inside because it means that people are noticing the developer community that OS X has built up around it. More devel...

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