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Samsung attempts to ambush iPhone 4S launch in Sydney

Samsung has set up a temporary shop in Sydney, right across from the local Apple Store, and started hawking Galaxy S2 phones for the low, low price of two bucks (with a two-year contract, naturally). The line for the bargain-basement priced phone was reportedly longer than the nearby line for t...

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Email driving: Risky thrill sport, or just plain stupidity?

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous, but what about going beyond just sending short text messages, and actually composing and sending emails while driving? I'm voting for "stupid" as the proper adjective to use. iPhone Savior had a report this morning about Lane Roster, a Huntington B...

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MacBook screen, my thoughts

People seem pretty pleased with the MacBook, though some are still worried about the glossy screen. Is it just one big mirror? Won't it blind you? Isn't change bad? One person went so far as to suggest that anyone who likes the glossy screen is an idiot. Here is the statement that many of you have b...

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