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Pepsi apologizes for sexist iPhone app, inadvertently fans the flames

PepsiCo's Amp Energy brand stirred up a lot of hatred in the last couple of months when the "AMP UP Before You Score" app [iTunes Link] was released. This app, branded as sexist and inappropriate by a lot of people who rated it in the App Store, provides guys with cards to "identify her type," picku...

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This just in: California 'cool car' law may hose your iPhone reception

Whenever I visit California, I'm always amazed with the number of state laws that have been enacted for one reason or another. For example, you're warned about alcohol's effect on pregnant women (duh!) when you go into bars and restaurants, and many buildings have mandated warning signs outside tell...

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Talkcast tonight: 10 PM EDT Sunday

We apologize for the late notice, but wanted to remind you that a group of our alpha geeks will be on hand for more Talkcast fun. Barring any Skype disasters, we're back for an hour of fun and questions. There's no set topic for this evening, so bring your questions or comments and join in the fun...

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Stupid and unjustified App Store rejection letter of the day

TUAW has covered the fine iPhone apps from Tapbots more than once. ConvertBot is a beautifully-designed and functional app to do a myriad of unit conversion calculations, while WeightBot is my personal favorite app for keeping track of my incredible ballooning body. Tapbots posted an entry on thei...

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Because iFarting is serious business

We were just fine with letting this story dissipate right into the air like so many bad smells, as it's not exactly the most impressive thing to ever happen in the App Store. But in the interests of completionism, we'll bring it to you anyway. First, there were two apps that made fart noises, cal...

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