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Chrome beat Safari in December

Here's an interesting fact that dropped over the weekend: Google Chrome, the browser by the search company with a silly name, actually beat Apple's Safari browser in overall usage during the last month of 2009 (Chrome first beat Safari midway through the month, but new month-long data shows that ...

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Run IE on your Intel Mac, if you absolutely have to

If you're a Mac-based web developer, a sysadmin at SomeBigCo, or an Outlook Web Access user, you might find yourself needing to use MS Internet Explorer from time to time. No, not IE for Mac OS X, frozen in amber within Applications folders around the globe; I mean IE for Windows, the hairy scary Ac...

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Is Apple aiming at Firefox?

John Lilly, COO of Mozilla, has a bone to pick with Steve Jobs and Apple. As you might imagine, John keeps an eye on the browser market space, and he was interested to see Apple port Safari to Windows. This was a big deal, but the slide above had John worried. As you can see the pie chart shows Int...

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Wal-Mart adds insult to injury with IE-only website

We've known all along that the Wal-Mart Video Downloads service was going to be a Windows-only affair. It's sad, but that's the way that goes sometimes. Is it really necessary, however, to lock the website to Internet Explorer 6+ only? On Tuesday, TechCrunch reported that some coding mistakes on Wal...

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Firefox commercial pokes fun at the competition

A viral Firefox commercial poking fun at its browser competition features the anthropomorphized icons of Internet Explorer, Netscape and Apple's own Safari acting, well - somewhat silly. No matter which browser you're a fan of, it's a pretty funny spot and one of the better offerings I've seen fro...

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Safari need not apply to Yahoo's preview

Downloadsquad reports that Yahoo! is previewing their new look. Click here to check it out, as long as you are using Firefox 1.5. At the moment Yahoo! isn't supporting any browsers other than IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 (not even Camino, which is just a Macish Firefox). I know it is just a preview, but it...

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No IE in Tiger

Well, imagine that!  You end-of-life a program on the Mac and BOOM, Apple stops including it with the release of their newest OS.  According to readers of Accelerate Your Macintosh, who received their copies of Tiger early, there is no Internet Explorer included in the installation.My take...

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