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iPhone 4S has 512 MB RAM, iFixit and Anandtech verify

It's official. We kept hearing that the iPhone 4S has "only" 512 MB of RAM, not the 1 GB that everyone was hoping for. But we wouldn't believe it until iFixit finished their teardown today. Their results are official -- the iPhone 4S contains 512 MB of RAM. How could they tell? The code on ...

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3rd gen iPod touch teardown: 802.11n potential and room for a camera?

Just this morning, we linked to the results of iFixit's iPod nano teardown. Hours later, we have the opportunity to dive into their 32GB iPod touch teardown. There are definitely a few interesting tidbits about what Apple did and did not do with the iPod touch this time around... and possibly some h...

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iFixit publishes iPhone 3G S teardown

Our screwdriver-happy pals over at iFixit have taken on the iPhone 3G S and the results do not disappoint! The iPhone 3G S doesn't just look like its predecessor externally, the internal physical design is also nearly identical. The location of the components on the main PCB has changed, but the act...

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