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Apple Stores create beautiful iPhone 5c-themed window display

If you've been to an Apple Store lately, chances are good that you've seen the incredible window display that was created for the iPhone 5c introduction in September. It's a series of one-inch plastic balls in the five bright iPhone 5c colors, strung on nylon strings to create three-dimensional re...

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Who moves into abandoned Apple Stores?

Apple stores have a distinct design and layout that most people can recognize on sight. When the company leaves one location for another one, the abandoned store is devoid of Apple products and Apple signage, but it still has the same Apple look and feel. So what happens to these retail locations ...

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'Surprise' Apple Store to open in Nanuet, New York

When a new Apple Store is planned and construction begins, there's usually a notice on ifoAppleStore -- the web's go-to site for Apple Store information -- and lots of speculation about when the new retail outlet will open. Well, even ifoAppleStore was surprised by an announcement of a new Apple S...

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Apple working towards new store at One World Trade Center in NYC

ifoAppleStore reports that Apple is negotiating with mall developer Westfield Group on a new New York City store that will be part of a luxury retail mall being built at One World Trade Center. The center is on the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks and is part of the overall redevelopment going o...

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Apple reportedly planning new Apple Store for Japan

It's been seven years since the last Apple Store in Japan opened, odd considering the technical bent of the country's inhabitants and the fact that the first international Apple Store was located in Japan. Now ifoAppleStore is reporting that another store may be on the way to Tokyo by early 2014. ...

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Historic London Apple Store undergoing renovation

One of Apple's most high-profile stores is undergoing a renovation to tweak the design to perfection. According to, the Covent Garden Apple Store in London is having minor work done at night so that the busy store can remain open for business during the day. Most of the renovati...

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Construction continues on Stanford 2 Apple Store, revealing new design

ifoAppleStore published a number of photos today showing construction of the new Stanford 2 Apple Store in northern California. The store uses a new "glass box and floating roof design" that allows passersby to get a great view of the interior of the store. This same design is allegedly being use...

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Apple revises One to One program for new customers

ifoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has changed the terms of the Apple Store One to One service, limiting how much Apple Store employees will do in terms of data migration for new Mac purchases. One to One service is offered to purchasers of new Macs for US$99 per year, providing not only d...

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Court orders Apple to complete retail space

Apple is having a hard time Down Under these days. Recently a company executive had to appear before a Parliamentary inquest about why prices for its products are higher in Australia than in other countries, and now Apple has been ordered to pay for continued construction on a canceled Apple St...

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San Francisco Apple Store to be expanded

Apple is planning to expand its retail store in San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria, says a report in ifoAppleStore. The Stonestown store is one of Apple's smallest retail stores with a storefront that measures 25 feet wide and a footprint that offers a measly 1,500 square feet of retail space ...

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Evidence points to new Netherlands Apple Store

It looks like Haarlem, The Netherlands will soon have the luxury of a new Apple Store along Grote Houtstraat, a prime retail location in a popular pedestrian walkway in the city. ifoAppleStore reports that construction has begun on the ground floor of what appears to be the beginnings of an A...

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Australian contractor reveals Apple Store complexities

In many ways, the design of Apple Stores reflects greatly on the attention to detail and design savvy of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He was a stickler for detail, often obsessing over the placement of individual pixels on a screen or the exact shade of a particular case color. ifoAppleStore has ...

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Apple Store remodel to introduce two-row Genius Bar

The Apple Store of the future could feature not one, but two Genius bars for technical service support, says a report in ifoAppleStore. The Garden State Plaza store in Paramus, NJ is moving to a significantly bigger location and redesigned the store to include the company's first double-row Gen...

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Third Beijing Apple Store planned

Apple already operates two stores in Beijing, and a report from ifoAppleStore suggests the company will add a third location early next year. According to local sources, Apple may open a street-level store on Wangfujing Street, a popular pedestrian-only thoroughfare that's lined with over 200 r...

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Portland Design Commission gives OK to Apple Store design

This news of a forthcoming Apple Store in Portland, Oregon comes from The Oregonian newspaper rather than Kelly's House of Crackpot Theories (TUAW blogger and podcaster Kelly Guimont is a resident of The City of Roses). The design, approved by the Portland Design Commission, is apparently for a...

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