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The Ultimate iPad Case Review Roundup and Giveaway

As much as I love reviewing iPad cases, it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming to handle all of the review requests we get from manufacturers. In the interest of getting a pile of overdue case reviews done and get these cool cases into the hands of our readers, I'm going to review and give awa...

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iFrogz' Boost speaker out now

Even a couple of months after the fact, I have to say that iFrogz' Boost speaker was one of the most interesting things I saw at CES this year. It's a little box speaker that works, more or less, like magic. There are no wires or hookups necessary. All you do is set the Boost speaker down, put you...

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iFrogz releases Boost speaker, uses 'near field audio' to boost sound

iFrogz was back at CES this year. Last year, most of its new products were iPhone and iPad cases, but this year the company is branching out. In addition to a USB gaming headset called the Caliber (it vibrates when loud sounds are played, "enhancing" the audio), iFrogz also has a product called...

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iFrogz BackBone pairs well with iPad 2 cover

There's a lot to love about the iPad 2's Smart Cover, from the fashionable colors to the multifunctional design to its magnetic personality. Unfortunately, the flappy front piece leaves your iPad's backside unprotected. For those of us who tend to drop our magical and revolutionary (yet not ant...

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iFrogz iPhone 4 cases work with Verizon phones -- we're giving away four

No sooner had we heard about the minute differences in the design of the Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4 than the TUAW inbox began filling up with news of cases that would work with both the original GSM/AT&T iPhone 4 and also with the Verizon models. Some of the first VZW-compatible iPhone 4 cases we'...

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iFrogz shows off cases and headphones at CES 2011

We stopped by the iFrogz booth at this week's CES 2011 here in Las Vegas to see the company's line of cases and headphones for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We also got to hear some interesting behind-the-scenes information about the business of selling accessories for Apple's devices. The best...

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Review: ifrogz iPhone 3G case

The folks at Dr. Bott were kind enough to send us an ifrogz Luxe case for the iPhone 3G to review. We drew straws (virtually) and I won the opportunity to kick the tires, so to speak, and give you my impressions. Personally, I'm not a big fan of cases on my phones and PDAs; they go in and out of my...

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Win a bunch of iPod-waterproofing gear, just in time for pool season

What could be better than relaxing in the pool this summer? How about swimming to your favorite tunes? We first saw the H20 audio case and headphones at Macworld, soaking in a tub of bubbling water (see our pic in the gallery). Now you've got a chance to win the 3rd-gen nano-sized waterproof case ...

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Follow-up on the iFrogz Tadpole iPod case for kids

iFrogz finally has the Tadpole page and pics up and now that I see it it's even cooler than I'd expected! I'm impressed by the design and the intent and as an added bonus the Tadpole comes with the "Screenz" protective film for the front so the screen and clickwheel are covered as well. Screenz inc...

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