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Rage: Mutant Bash TV brings id Tech 5 to iOS

We saw id games' newest title, Rage, demonstrated earlier this year on an iOS device, but now there's more details and specifics on just how it's coming to iOS. It's not a straight port of the PC and console shooter -- rather, id is calling it Rage: Mutant Bash TV, and releasing this version of the...

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Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone

I've wondered before just how a fighting game on the iPhone would work, and now I'm going to find out: Capcom has announced that they're releasing the latest Street Fighter game (they're up to IV now) on the iPhone. You can see how it works over at IGN -- there's a virtual joystiq on one side, and ...

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Still doubt Apple's desire for portable gaming clout? Here's proof...

This afternoon, we received a tip from one of our readers about an awesome ad on the website. We chased the bait and decided to check it out. We're really glad we did. What we found was the ad above. We preserved it via screencast so all of our readers could enjoy it. The video above sho...

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