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Celebrity Infinity's iLounge and Innovations Store bring Apple to the high seas

While most of the Northern Hemisphere was locked in a deep freeze during the first couple of weeks of February, I was down in the Southern Hemisphere taking a cruise from Argentina to Antarctica aboard Celebrity Infinity. Not even vacation can keep this Apple blogger from looking for stories, and ...

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Apple keeping Dock Connector Adapter manufacturing to itself

By now, it's widely accepted that any iPhone announced next week will come with a new, smaller connector port. iLounge is reporting that Apple is initially going to be the exclusive vendor of a Dock Connector Adapter -- a potential windfall for the company. The Dock Connector Adapter is designed...

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Next-generation iPad rumored to be in production for March release

It's January, and that means it's time to ramp up the iPad rumors to full frenzy mode. Japanese rumor site Macotakara, which has been surprisingly accurate when it comes to speculation about upcoming iPads, says that the next-generation iPad is now in production in anticipation of a release in ...

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The iPad dock disassembled by iLounge

Wondering what the guts of the new iPad 2 dock look like? iLounge dove into the nitty gritty, and it turns out that there were a few surprises, actually. While the docks may look like pieces of plastic (and indeed, at just around $30, they could be about that), iLounge figures that Apple puts t...

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iPhone 5 in the rumor mill

It seems like only yesterday that the iPhone 4 was released, but how time flies when you're having fun. With the whole antennagate issue mostly behind us, most folks are just settling down to getting the best out of their shiny new iPhone. After all, its only been around four months since it was rel...

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Ahoy! Celebrity Cruise Lines welcomes an Apple Store on board

Having withdrawal from all things Mac while on a sea voyage? Here's some future therapy. The Celebrity Cruise ship company has announced a new Internet Cafe on the new 2,850 passenger Celebrity Eclipse which sets sail in April. The iLounge, as Celebrity has named it, will include a mini Apple Store ...

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CES Watch: The good, the bad, the ugly

CES wrapped up in Las Vegas on Saturday, so here's our third and final wrapup of iPhone and Mac-related accessories from the show. Enjoy! Posimotion introduced a Helix gaming grip for the iPhone -- like the Wii wheel, only for Apple's device. $20, which seems pricey to me. Don't even bother lo...

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CES Watch: More tales from the iLounge

Another day at CES 2010, another round of new iPhone, iPod, and Mac-related accessories. We're putting them all together in one post -- it's like you're on the show floor, without the terrible AT&T reception. iLive is introducing a whole slew of new speakers and micro speaker systems. Case...

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Rumors: iPod, cameras expecting offspring

If the rumors are to be believed, then cameras and the iPod are getting it on lately, because in about nine months (or whatever the gestation period is for gadgets -- you're welcome for that mental image) we'll be seeing lots of iPods with lenses in them. First up is the fine folks at iLounge, who ...

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CES expands iPod, iPhone exhibit space at next year's show

I'm lucky enough to be heading out to E3 next week, so I'll be puttering around the show looking for great iPhone apps and games to tell you all about, but it looks like CES might be the place to be for iPhone software in 2010: the show is going to expand the exhibit space for Apple's mobile platf...

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iLounge Pavilion to host iPod, iPhone devs at CES 2010

The sharks are swimming the waters around Macworld Expo. They must smell blood: first we hear that Apple may be headed to CES, and now iLounge has announced that they're sponsoring a "pavilion" at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I've never been, but you have to think that there h...

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New iPod Touch, nano dimensions leaked?

The event is real, and that of course brings with it the usual flood of rumors and speculation. Latest off the rumor mill assembly line is supposedly the leaked dimensions of a new iPod Touch and nano -- iLounge has their hands on what they claim are dimensional drawings of the new iPod nano and a...

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Are one-third of all iPhones destined for unlocking?

A post today at iLounge suggests that a close analysis of Apple's sales numbers for iPhone, contrasted with AT&T activation stats, leads to a somewhat surprising conclusion: somewhere between 30 and 35 percent of all iPhones sold worldwide are being sold to users who intend to unlock them, or po...

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YouTube on Apple TV to use H.264

I thought it was a little odd that the Apple press release concerning the YouTube addition to Apple TV stated that it would take weeks for all YouTube content to be made available on the Apple TV. iLounge got to the bottom of this slightly odd situation (or so it seemed without explanation). They sp...

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Apple TV review, and geek details

I am sure some of you are thinking, 'Enough with the Apple TV already,' but considering that even Scoble likes it, I think some more coverage is in order. Two Apple TV links worthy of your attention have come across NetNewsWire. First off, our iPod loving friends over at iLounge list the top ten gee...

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