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How to autoimport your iPhone photos using OS X's Image Capture

Image Capture for OS X has been around for a long time, but many new Mac users are not aware of the photo importing tool. The handy utility sits in the "Other" folder in Launch Pad or in the Applications folder and can be used to import your iPhone photos. It bypasses other photo apps like Apertur...

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Mac 101: Use Image Capture to clear off old iPhone pictures

Last year, Macworld posted an update of an old trick from blogger Colin Devroe, which allows you to use your Mac to selectively remove photos from an iPhone or iPad without having to sync the device or download images. To do this, just launch Image Capture. Image Capture sees your iPhone or i...

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Set AutoImporter's preferences for cameras and iOS devices

When I plug in my SD card, I want one thing to happen: "Get my pictures (and videos) off this card as quickly as possible." I don't necessarily want to import them to iPhoto or do anything else with them right away. I just want them moved from Point A (the SD card) to Point B (a folder on my Mac). ...

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Mac 101: Stop the iPhone from opening iPhoto

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice Mac users. I love iPhoto. I use it for most of my photo editing. The thing I don't like about iPhoto is how it opens each and every time I connect my iPhone to my Mac. What strikes my as plain silly is that, since the introduction of the iPhone two and a h...

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Using Snow Leopard's Image Capture app, or how to clean up a room

One of the lesser-known changes in Snow Leopard is the update to the Image Capture application. This little gem of the Mac has always been available to grab photos from devices such as digital cameras and scanners, but with Mac OS X 10.6, Image Capture has turned into my personal hero. In 2007 an...

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Mac 101: Camera-specific application launching

Courtesy molenlavapit.com If you're the proud owner of a multi-camera/single Mac household then you've probably run into the problem of what happens when you plug in a camera not necessarily being what you intended. For instance, my wife used to have an issue...

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Ask TUAW: AirPort Extreme bridge, iTunes smart playlists, USB drive backup, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column! This time we've got questions on using an AirPort Extreme as a wireless to ethernet bridge, automatically backing up a USB flash drive, building smart playlists in iTunes, migrating an iTunes Library and more. As always, your ...

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What is wrong with this Picture?

Image Capture automatically launches when I attach my new iPod Touch to my Mac. The problem is, of course, that unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch is not a camera. So why is it reporting itself as a camera to my computer? I haven't personally tried hooking it up to my Windows PC, but TUAW reader Gonz...

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