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Tag: image-editing

Tonality for Mac is a powerful black and white image editor

I used to think that my photos needed color to be compelling, but a good black-and-white image can be very powerful. Of course, producing a monochrome image from a color one is not as simple as removing the color information. Talented photographers like the late Ansel Adams, who worked primarily ...

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SkinneePix trims some bloat from your selfies

How often do your hear that the selfie you did with your iPhone makes you look 'so much heavier'? It's not just a tired excuse. Often times a subject photographed at close quarters can elicit 'barrel distortion'. A majority or standard lenses aren't really optimized for extreme closeups, so your fac...

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PhotoScissors for Mac is an easy way to cut out part of an image

Photoshop is the alpha and omega of photo editing apps, but every once in awhile someone comes up with a way to do a specific function even better than Adobe. A case in point is PhotoScissors, a US$19.99 Mac app that makes it easy to remove an object from a photo, then paste it in somewhere else. T...

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Photo Popup for iOS lets you accent an item in your photo's background

Photo Popup is a US$0.99 app for iPhone that helps you separate an item in a photo from the background, letting you add a drop shadow, and even blur the background to bring attention to the subject. Photographers have been doing this kind of work in Photoshop for years, but here's a way to do it ...

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RotoView Photo Magnifier for iOS: Using gestures to examine images in detail

If you don't like the built-in photo viewer in the Photos app in iOS, RotoView has a free solution for magnifying your photos and easily scrolling around with gestures and phone movements. A double-tap on the screen zooms in. You can scroll by moving a finger and rotate an image by moving the phone...

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Photoristic is a capable, but somewhat flawed iPad app for editing photos

Having just reviewed the updated Snapseed app, I was anxious to see Photoristic HD, a newly updated app (US $4.99) that offers similar, but enhanced features. Unlike Snapseed, Photoristic HD is an iPad-only app. It offers a wide variety of preset image "looks" and offers more precise control of s...

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Intensify is a powerful image editor for Mac OS

Intensify is a new Mac app designed to dramatically enhance your images without requiring you to have deep knowledge of editing and adjustments. I would put it solidly between the iPhoto's editing tools and Photoshop. Open Intensify, then open an image and explore the presets designed by pro photog...

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Diptic updates its iOS collage creation app

I took a look at Diptic a while ago and liked what I saw. The US$0.99 universal app allows you to select photos from your camera roll and create compelling collages that can be sent at various resolutions to family and friends. The new version 6, just released, has a great many new and enhanced...

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PhotoPath is a clever and complete iOS app for creating multi-photo images

There are so many photo-editing apps in the App Store it's hard to keep up, but I want to call PhotoPath to your attention. It's a free, universal app that can be, for many photographers, a one-stop solution for creating multi-photo presentations. The app starts with a series of frame layouts. ...

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Layover for iOS offers sophisticated layering, blending to images

Layover is a neat photo app for iPhone and iPad (US$0.99, universal) that sounds like it might be a travel app. It's not, yet "Layover" is a pretty good name for what it does. The app lets you blend up to 5 photos. Masks and careful editing help you create a new, compelling image. This is the k...

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TUAW preview: Pixelmator 1.3 "Tempo"

We've praised Pixelmator here before (and we've even shared our love with the devs directly) -- I am by no means an image-editing professional (Photoshop and Aperture are way, way beyond my ken), but Pixelmator lands exactly where I want it to: it's a relatively lightweight application with just e...

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Picturesque 2.0 released

If you think back to June last year, Picturesque - a neat lightweight image editor - was the deserving recipient of an Apple Design Award for 'Best Student Product'. So it's fitting then that, just in time for this year's Apple Design Awards, Acqualia Software has released version 2.0 of Picturesq...

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Pixelmator 1.2 "Draftsman" in the wild

My picture editor of choice, Pixelmator, has updated to version 1.2 (as with many other applications, it's just in time for the Apple Design Awards deadline), which they're calling Draftsman. Among the new features are the much-awaited addition of rules and some guides to the UI (with a flashy littl...

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Pixelmator hits 1.0

Long-fabled image editor Pixelmator (arguably one of the hottest, and most discussed Mac applications of the year) has finally left beta testing, and version 1 is available to download and buy. Compatibility with layered Photoshop PSD files (and over 100 other file formats too), Core Image-driven ed...

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