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Acorn 3 released, adds quick masks, layer styles and more

Flying Meat introduced version 3 of its popular Acorn image editor today, adding a number of features, including layer styles, text and live multistop gradients, rotating text and shapes, quick mask, instant alpha channels, new filters, improvements to PSD importing as well as adding PSD exportin...

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Iris suspends development, users can upgrade to Acorn for free

I never actually used Iris (my image editor of choice is still Pixelmator), but the one-window image editor released a few years ago certainly had its share of fans. Unfortunately, those fans may be disappointed to hear that Iris' developer, Nolobe, has suspended development on the app. Nolobe's pr...

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Pixelmator 1.4.1 brings noise filter, Pixelmator Learning with it

Our friends over at Pixelmator have released a new update, and while it's not quite as big as their point versions, it does add a few new features and a nice online guide to the program. The main new feature in-app is a noise filter that allows users to add random specks and pixels to an image, crea...

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Acorn 1.2

Acorn, Flying Meat's easy to use image editor, was updated to version 1.2 over the weekend. Acorn is the perfect image editor for me: it is easy to use, quick to launch, and it tries to guess what I want to do with an image and does it for me (that's what I call service!). New in version 1.2 are: ...

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Iris public beta available

Image editors are for the Mac are suddenly popping up everywhere. There's Pixelmator and Acorn, and this month Nolobe has released the public beta of Iris...only three months overdue. So what happened? It's a terrible story, actually, as a fire put everything on hold for the developers. The good new...

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An overview of Leopard for developers

If you haven't seen this roundup yet, Matt Gemmell's huge list of everything Leopard can do for developers is pretty amazing. It's a bit on the technical side, but worry not-- about 1/4 of the way down the page you'll think that this is a list only for developers, and if you keep scrolling you'll ...

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