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Glitch Wizard is a fun way to make glitchy images and animation on your iPhone

Glitch Wizard creates animated or still images based on a series of pre-set "glitches" you can apply to your photos. You've possibly seen "glitch art" popping up around the web lately, with flickering GIFs of colorful digital weirdness warping ordinary photos. While they may be a passing fad like ...

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Haiku Deck extends on-the-go presentations to iPhone

As noted here on TUAW before, the presentation tool Haiku Deck (available as an iPad app and as a beta web app) makes the chore of building out a visually compelling, effective deck for your product or story as easy as it can be. In fact, Haiku Deck's CEO Adam Tratt told me that the spark for the co...

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How to craft the perfect parallax wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad

Sick of stretched, blurry or otherwise lame wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad? Apple's decision to make your background come alive with the parallax effect in iOS 7 means that using your standard wallpapers ends up giving you some not-so-sharp effects. But fear not: You can create a wallpaper of ...

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Daily iPhone App: Image Blender allows you to blend images with just a few taps

Sometimes during a spare moment, you will browse through your camera roll and notice two photos that would look great together. You don't have Photoshop on your iPhone and your Mac is miles away at home, so what should you to bring your composition to life? One easy-to-use solution for these momen...

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Daily iPad App: NASA's Earth As Art shows us our beautiful planet

NASA has a series of excellent educational iOS apps that appeal to adults and kids alike. Most have a strong scientific bent, but if you lean more towards art than science, NASA has an iPad app for you, too. Mixing a little bit of earth and planetary science with a keen eye for art, NASA has creat...

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Extract App Resource Icons with AppleScript

Whether I'm preparing for a demo or writing an article, blog post, book, or technical documentation, I often find myself performing the same set of repetitive steps. I need to navigate into an app's packaged resources folder, find one or more icon files, occasionally convert them to PNG and scale ...

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Skitch update (iOS and Mac) includes PDF annotation, stamps

If you are already a Skitch user and happen to have an Evernote Premium account, a new update now allows you to annotate PDFs using the app. Once you open a PDF in Skitch you'll get a 30-day trial of the premium PDF annotation feature. All users see a new way to add graphics to documents in Ski...

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Daily iPhone App: Bezel Photo adds some shapely fun to your photos

Bezel Photo lets you snazzy up your pictures with shaped frames and photo filters. The app allows you to take a photo with your camera or pull one in from your photo library. Once you've got the perfect shot, you can highlight a section of the image by adding a circle, square, triangle, diamond...

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Splitmo releases Air Show, an on-the-fly editor for your photo slideshows

Ever want to change a photo in a slideshow once you've started it? If you answered with a resounding "yes," then you should check out AirShow. Developed by upstart mobile app company Splitmo, AirShow is a new iOS app that lets you edit a slideshow at the same time it is running on an HDTV scree...

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ePic is a compact and attractive slideshow display app for OS X

ePic is a US $3.99 OS X app for displaying photos in attractive ways. It has some realistic physics, and unlike many similar apps, you can interact with the onscreen slideshow. To start, you point the app at an iPhoto or Aperture library, or to online sources like Picasa, Flickr, 500px or any l...

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Earthlapse is a window on the Earth from space

Earthlapse is a beautiful US$0.99 app for iOS that gives you an International Space Station view of the earth moving below. There are 8 time lapse scenes of weather, docking spacecraft and aurora in high resolution that is almost lifelike. You can control the speed of the movie, superimpose cur...

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GIMP 2.8 gets a major facelift

Popular Mac, Linux and Windows image editing app GIMP has been updated to version 2.8. This latest version overhauls the UI to offer a new single window mode that lets users edit images, choose tools and set up docks all within one window. Earlier versions of GIMP had multiple windows for tool ...

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NYT: New iPad screen could be too good for the web

The New York Times points out what we (and Gruber) first saw when we fired up our new iPad -- most web images look terrible its Retina display. Companies that do business on the web now have a difficult decision to make about their graphics. Do they spend the extra cost to create, store and ser...

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Apple's A5X processor is big and beautiful

Chipworks posted some polysilicon die photos that compare Apple's A4, A5 and A5X processor. What's most striking to the casual observer is the relative size of each die. As Chipworks notes, the A5X is "big and beautiful" when compared to the A4 and even its close predecessor the A5. You can s...

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Digital artists imagine Siri's face

If you're like me, you've probably anthropomorphized Siri. I think of her (as a US resident I have a female voice) almost as a person and address her as "Siri" when I make requests. I'm not alone as a recent contest from Shapeways, a 3D printing service and online marketplace, asked its community ...

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