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Setting up a "Writing Mac"

I've got a basement full of Macs in various states of repair, which shouldn't surprise you. One of my hobbies is re-purposing those old machines. For instance, there's a G3 All-In-One on my workbench which runs iFixIt.com when I've got a project. Additionally, I use a G4 iMac as a Daylite server. I'...

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ImageWell 3.5 is available

I love XtraLean Software's ImageWell. In fact, nearly every image I post to TUAW has been edited with ImageWell (we've written about it several times). I think it's the perfect application for when something like Photoshop is overkill. That quick crop, resize, border, etc. can be done in a flash wit...

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ImageWell receives big update

I'm a huge fan of ImageWell. In fact, I've used it to edit nearly every image I've posted to TUAW. If you're unfamiliar, it's a quick-and-dirty image editor that's perfect when Photoshop would be overkill. Crop or resize your image, add a watermark or upload to your server easily. Today, version 3.2...

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Quickly edit photos with Picturesque

Acqualia has released a new utility for quick-and-dirty image editing called Picturesque. It allows you to add those snazzy reflections that are all the rage these days, as well as crop, curve, glow effects and borders. It could be quite handy for when you want to quickly edit an image for the web, ...

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InstantShot! - Menubar Screenshots

As you might expect, we take a lot of screenshots here at TUAW, so I'm always interested in ways of making it easier. Most of the time I either use ImageWell or one of the built-in keyboard shortcuts. Nonetheless, InstantShot! looks like a convenient alternative for folks who prefer using the mouse....

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Beta Beat: ImageWell 3 updated to Version 3.0b5 - brings back old skool cropping

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is listening to you - and hearing you - when you're unhappy about something. Well, you spoke and the folks at XtraLean listened. When the ImageWell 3 beta was released in the wild a few days ago, the most common complaint was that image cropp...

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Beta Beat: ImageWell v3 beta

ImageWell calls itself the "the free and lean image editor" and it is, indeed, both free and lean. It's one of those apps that "just works" and doesn't try to do more than it should. We're fans of ImageWell here at TUAW. It makes our jobs easier. Recently I noticed that the ImageWell 3 beta was avai...

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AppZapper updated to version 1.5

AppZapper is one of my favorite utilities. As you can see from the screenshot at right, it's one of only two applications to earn the honor of a spot in my Finder windows' toolbar (ImageWell is the other). For the uninitiated, AppZapper lets you easily uninstall software. Just drop your target app's...

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ImageWell goes universal

xtralean's ImageWell has gone universal. I can't say enough good things about this simple little application. In fact, every image I post to TUAW has been edited with ImageWell. If you need to do some quick-and-dirty image editing, like a resize, reshape, crop, stroke or watermark (basically any tas...

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