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Tag: imaging

Kodak loses ruling in patent fight with Apple

Struggling camera and film pioneer Kodak is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While it deals with angry creditors, the company is also juggling a legal battle with Apple over the rights to several patents in its patent portfolio. According to Bloomberg, Kodak recently was handed a setback in...

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Kodak accuses Apple of interfering with patent sale

Things are getting heated in Kodak's patent battle with Apple. In a recent court filing noticed by Total Telecom, Kodak accused the Cupertino company of trying to interfere in its upcoming patent auction in order to avoid paying US$1 billion in penalties and royalty fees. According to the cou...

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Winclone tool for Boot Camp imaging comes back as paid app

Say the word "Winclone" to any Mac-centric IT person and you'll likely get a wistful sigh in return. The original Winclone utility, which provided a handy GUI wrapper around CLI tools such as the open-source NTFSprogs, did a spot-on job of backing up and restoring the Boot Camp partition of a dual-...

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GoPano 360 degree camera with new app updates, case at CES

We originally took a look at the GoPano lens attachment from EyeSee360 last year when it was released -- the lens sits on the back of your iPhone, and allows you to take a full 360 degree picture with a free iPhone app. Since the project went live (it was funded by Kickstarter), EyeSee360 tells...

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Kodak sues HTC, Apple

In a desperate bid to keep itself afloat, Kodak has filed another lawsuit against HTC and Apple. The struggling company is now claiming that Apple and HTC infringe on four patents related to the transfer of digital images. A previous lawsuit against Apple focuses on technology for previewing im...

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Daily Mac App: Hydra Pro 3

HDR photography is a technique that produces images with a very high dynamic range. To produce an HDR image, you take several shots at varying shutter speeds and combine them using a technique called tone mapping to produce the final photograph. Hydra Pro 3 will allow you to combine up to sev...

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Occipital announces investment, new hires

Occipital, the company behind the popular iPhone and iPad app 360 Panorama, announced on Wednesday that it received US$7 million in venture funding. 360 Panorama lets you take panorama pictures by shooting a series of pictures at one and stitching them on the phone before saving them to your ca...

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Kodak may sell image patent in Apple lawsuit

Kodak may sell the image previewing patent that is the subject of a US$1 billion infringement lawsuit filed against Apple and RIM. This patent is one of 1,100 patents that Kodak is looking to sell as it tries to raise cash. Analysts estimate these patents may be worth more than $650 million, th...

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HDR Darkroom Pro is a fast and inexpensive app for creating impressive landscape images

It's nice to see more awareness of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The iPhone has a built-in HDR mode, and more and more software is supporting the combining of images shot at different shutter speeds, combined to create an image that captures more shadow detail without blowing out the high...

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Mac OS X, Microsoft Kinect create gesture-based MRI demo

A team of researchers from the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland has developed a Kinect-based system for the touch-free control of medical imaging software. The group filmed an impressive proof-of-concept video showcasing their hands-free medical imaging system...

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Friday Favorite: Photomatix Pro

There are few times I have used software that really caused my jaw to drop. Photomatix Pro did just that. It's a Mac OS X utility that allows you to create what are called High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from separate digital exposures taken at different shutter speeds (exposure levels). These pictu...

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Hydra 1.5: HDR and OS X beauty revisited

Back in January, the folks from Creaceed released version 1.0 of Hydra -- a Leopard-only, GPU-powered photo application for creating High Dynamic Range photos that competes with the much-renowned Photomatix Pro. Just in time for the Apple Design Awards version 1.5 of Hydra is available. With more to...

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Picturesque 2.0 released

If you think back to June last year, Picturesque - a neat lightweight image editor - was the deserving recipient of an Apple Design Award for 'Best Student Product'. So it's fitting then that, just in time for this year's Apple Design Awards, Acqualia Software has released version 2.0 of Picturesq...

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LANrev v4 released

Got a big ol' bunch of Macs to be managed? Your choices are numerous, with Casper, FileWave and of course Apple Remote Desktop all smoothly monitoring and updating your OS X clients. Now, with the latest update to cross-platform asset manager LANrev (which bears a striking resemblance to another man...

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Creating a Bootable Restore DVD

Hacking the Mac OS X Installer DVD I work at a university and we regularly get lots of new computers in that need to be imaged. Normally, people use a NetBoot server with NetRestore to do this, but our network is too clunky and poorly-designed to able to handle network-based imaging. So I have to r...

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