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Apple, NYPD working together to locate stolen iPhones, iPads

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Police Department has assigned a team of cops to work with Apple on facilitating the return of stolen iOS devices. The move is in response to widespread theft of popular iPhones and wireless-enabled iPads in the city. The policemen work with th...

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iPhone unlocking service providers shut down

About two weeks ago we told you about several websites that seemed to spring up overnight offering genuine iPhone unlocking. By "genuine" we mean the unlocks didn't require any hacks or jailbreaks as the websites appeared to directly access Apple's database and add IMEI device identifiers to it, w...

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Websites now offering hack-free iPhone unlocking

Over the past few weeks several websites have popped up that allow iPhone owners to unlock their phones without a jailbreak or hack... for a substantial fee. The sites CutYourSim and Negri Electronics are advertising "permanent" iPhone unlocks, while the sites UnlockBase and GSMPhoneSource are o...

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Your iPhone 3G contains a hidden code

An iPhone user in Australia was playing around with his camcorder's NightShot mode (which can see through some materials), when he found that behind the rear plastic clamshell is a DataMatrix 2D barcode. Engadget suspects the barcode is the handset's IMEI and serial numbers. If you have the abili...

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