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WWDC 2010: App deal roundup

We've received quite a few emails from developers who are providing you with special app pricing during WWDC 2010. Here's a roundup of some of the info we've received: Ubermind is selling Masque for US$1.99 until June 12. The app is an amazing photography tool for iPad. iOS4 devs should look i...

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First look: SketchyPad mockup tool for web and app designers

Part of my work involves making mockups of websites for clients, and up until this point the easiest way to do that was just to hand draw some sketches, scan them, send them to the client for rework, etc... Now there's a new iPad app from developer Nick Golovin that promises to make the creation of ...

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360iDev: The AppStar awards

Appsfire has just announced the winners of their App Star Awards contest at 360iDev here in San Jose -- they had an "uber-jury" go through 30-second pitch videos from 33 different unreleased iPhone and iPad apps, and narrowed down their favorites to six different apps in three categories, Games, Ut...

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First Look: iMockups for iPad

Developers often carry around notebooks, which they use to sketch out their brilliant ideas for the next million-dollar iPhone or iPad app. The folks over at Endloop, a Canadian iPad development company with a few projects under its figurative belt, have been "coding like madmen" recently for the...

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