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Join us for the Macworld/iWorld 2014 State of Apple Technology panel liveblog

When it rains, it pours. Sure enough, it has been raining here in drought-stricken Northern California, so much so that numerous flights were delayed coming into the city yesterday. And after a drought of Apple-related liveblogs, we actually have two that will be happening simultaneously. Mike Ro...

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Get new life out of an old Mac Pro (Updated)

You've been drooling at the video of the new Mac Pro, but realize that your chances of having enough money to buy one of the cylindrical black speedsters when they ship this fall are slim to none. Not to worry -- iMore's Peter Cohen has just the answer if you'd like to add some life to your existi...

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"Debrickifying" an iPhone 5

I got my share of flak from TUAW readers when I wrote a post three weeks ago bemoaning the fact that my iPhone 5 -- which was running iOS 7 beta -- lost battery power on the first day of a vacation and went into an endless restart loop. Yes, dear readers, I am well aware of the fact that Apple poi...

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Ibrahim Balic talks Dev Center downtime with iMore

Last Thursday, Apple's developer site suddenly went offline. Apple announced the interruption was attributable to an "intruder" who was attempting to access the personal information of Apple's developers. So who was responsible for the downtime? A Turkish security researcher named Ibrahim Balic th...

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iPhone 5, HTC One cameras compared by iMore

Here at TUAW, we're strictly an Apple blog, but our friends over at iMore tend to take a more cross-platform look at things. Today, iMore's Allyson Kazmucha published a lengthy and detailed side-by-side comparison of the 8-megapixel camera built into the iPhone 5 and the highly touted 4 MP camera ...

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Shooting fashion photos with an iPhone

So you're looking for a new career as a fashion photographer. To kickstart your job, look no further than today's iMore post by Rene Ritchie where he asked Mobile Nations' David Lundblad to take high-fashion photos of model Amanda Del Duca in Manhattan's Bryant Park with an iPhone. Videographer Ma...

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Rumor: Apple to add smaller Dock connector to all iOS devices this fall

iMore and other sources are reporting that the smaller Dock connector design that is expected to debut with the new iPhone this fall will also be included in revisions to other iOS mobile devices. The smaller connectors have been seen on alleged images of the new iPhone and on case designs, but ...

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How to fix an iPhone 4 Home button, Sprint or Verizon

I've never had problems with the home button on my Verizon iPhone, but if you do, you should check out this repair post from iMore's Allyson Kazmucha. Kazmucha, who founded the repair company PXLFIX, shows you how to remove the back cover, disassemble the internal components and pull out the ho...

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iMore lists the best free iPad games

My son is home sick today, but instead of staring at the TV he's poking at some strategy games on the iPad. As luck would have it, iMore published an extensive list of free iPad games, broken down by category. There are some easy hits, like Angry Birds Free, but also some little gems like Win...

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The case for ditching the Dock connector

Apple's 30-pin Dock connector has spawned generations of cables, docks, and accessories that all use the wide dongle we've all become familiar with. But is it something that has outlived its usefulness and is ready for replacement? That's the question iMore's Rene Ritchie discussed in a post yeste...

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