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Topaz Impression is a powerful photo-to-art application for Mac OS X

I've just spent the day using Topaz Impression, a US$99.00 Mac app that can totally and convincingly transform your photos into works of art that look like paintings, pencil or charcoal sketches, or just about any style that you can imagine. I've seen apps that do this before, either in the f...

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Apple edges out Nokia in European ad impressions

Apple may be slowly releasing the stranglehold Nokia has on the European market. According to ad network inMobi, the Q2 2011 results show Apple has edged out Nokia in terms of ad impressions. Both Apple and Nokia logged over 2 billion ad impressions in the quarter, but Apple snagged 90 million ...

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Booyah raises $20m, aims for 6m users

I've lately been guessing that Booyah might eventually hook up with Ngmoco, since they're both iPhone gaming/app companies with somewhat similar goals that could help each other out. But it looks like Booyah doesn't need any help any more -- it's just raised a whopping $20 million from investors in ...

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